College Series: Ways to Savor Time With Your Teen Before College – #BeThereMoments

Welcome to the third installment in our college series collaborating with our good friends at Michelin. If you’ve missed out on any of them, you can check out the drive to the orientation and meeting the roommate and whether you should let your college student take the car to school or not

It’s nearing that time; your teen is going to be heading off to college. Your emotions are mixed and while you may be feeling proud of your teen for their accomplishments, you are also sad to see them leave the nest. Being a parent has its challenges and rewards.

Sending your teen off to college for the first time is one event that falls under both of those categories. This, however, doesn’t have to be the end of you spending time with your teen though; there are quite a few things you can do to savor the time with your teen before they ship off to college.

Tourist Your Town Together

Take a walk downtown and pretend you are both tourists. This is an especially neat idea if you have lived in the same town for many years. Take time with your teen to walk around the town, support local vendors and then enjoy lunch at one of your favorite local spots.

Plan a Summer Road Trip

Nothing helps people connect better than a road trip. Hop in the car and head off together. Put away the cell phones, blast some music and just have fun enjoying the conversations and sightseeing that happens during a road trip with your teen. If your teenager drives, now might also be a good time to see what you can expect if you do decide to send your teenager to college with his/her car.

Go on a Shopping Spree

Surely your teen will need some items for college, why not take your teen out on a shopping spree? Enjoy this last chance to spoil them before they head off into the college lifestyle away from home.

Recreate a Favorite Childhood Memory

Talk to your teen about what moment they remember most about childhood. If possible, recreate this favorite childhood memory as a means to reconnect and push some positive emotions.

Have a Movie Night

Take one night with your teen to stay up all night and watch your favorite movies while you eat pizza and popcorn. Enjoy laughter and bonding during this movie night as a means to let your teen know that you will always be here, even when they are off to college.

Do an Activity Together

Is there something you both have always wanted to do? Zip Lining, Laser Tag, or maybe bungee jumping? Going on one last adventure together to complete that one activity you both always wanted to do will leave your teen with an everlasting memory as they head off into adulthood.

There are many things you can do to savor the time with your teen before they ship off to college, we hope this list of ideas enables you to get in touch with your creative side as a means to spend a bit more time with your teen. Remember, your teen may be heading off to college to start their adult life, but you will forever be their parent and you’ll be needed no matter how old your teen gets.

Be there for your children, no matter where they go. Do you have a student headed off to college either this year or next? Read more stories from parents like me on and join the conversation by using the hashtag #BeThereMoments.

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