How To Keep Your Style Game High While Traveling

Traveling by airplane, train, bus or car, sitting at one place for a long time is exhausting and can give you a rumpled look. By the time you reach your destination, you end up looking tired and messy. Yet, traveling can be fun by taking selfies and flaunting your OOTDs.

Who said that you can’t be comfortable and stylish at the same time? Choosing wrinkle-free fabrics, staying hydrated, moisturized and a bit of layering will bring that oomph factor in your travel style game. So, let’s have a look at few pointers on how to balance style and comfort while traveling:


Staying comfortable has a lot to do with the type and fabric of the clothes you wear. Materials like knit fabrics, spandex blend fabrics, and synthetic fiber clothing,  are an excellent choice for travel wear. These fabrics are wrinkle-free and can be easily packed into your traveling bags. Chinos, dry denim, and cargos make a perfect bottom set that will stay in shape than the 100% cotton ones. It is better to avoid wearing regular jeans, linen, and pants as they crumble easily, will have to iron them frequently, and take a longer time to dry.

By the way, if you are traveling to attend a friends’ wedding, then it can be an exception. Since you will have to carry heavy gowns, don’t forget to pack a steel boned corset to give you the perfect hourglass figure.


Comfort is what comes to mind when we think of shoes especially if you plan to go on walk tours. A comfortable pair of shoes will also protect your feet from blisters or other issues. Slip-on shoes are very travel-friendly as you can easily take them off and they are not fuzzy. Wear socks to keep yourself warm.

Choose dark colored shoes as they are easy maintenance. Girls, avoid heels and flats. They are not durable and take time to clean. Instead, sneakers and boots will work just fine. Most of us carry with us our workout clothes. So, a bonus is your shoes will go well with your fitness apparel brand.


Layering is an art, fashion art to be specific. Depending on the temperature of the plane or your destination, you can add or remove the layers. This is especially good when the temperature is drastically different between the two places. Layers like a t-shirt, a sweater, a scarf, a cap, and a jacket would make a stylish outfit.

For men, it can be a layering of a white t-shirt and a light mauve coat. And ladies, opt for a light shawl like a Pashmina for layering. It goes well with everything and is very lightweight too.


Don’t overdo your hair while traveling. Curling your hair for a trip is a waste of time. As by the time you reach your destination, they crumble into a mess. Keep it simple and sassy. A french braid and a top knot are the best hairstyles. It keeps every single hair out of your way. They are not messy, and when you undo your hair, you get beautiful waves (a bonus). Carry your anti-frizz serums if you are traveling to a humid region. Personally, my preference tends to fall to extensions as they’re very low maintenance.


While traveling, your skin can get patchy, dry and you might look jaded. Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize- one tip that everyone should swear by. Whatever your mode of transport be, and whichever climatic condition you may be in, moisturizing your skin, will keep your skin supple and healthy.

If it’s a day journey, use an SPF to protect against harmful sun rays. Keep your hands moisturized with your hand cream with a scent which will help you relax. This way when you reach your destination, you will look radiant. Also, don’t forget to keep drinking water.


The water reminded us of an important point- Hydration. Any travel, in general, requires an increased rate of hydration, air travel, especially. Aircraft cabin’s humidity levels are as low as 5-10% which is lesser than in the Sahara Desert. Increased cabin pressure and altitude lead to low moisture levels in the plane.

That’s why it’s essential to drink at least one glass of water per hour to keep you refreshed. We won’t recommend you having alcohol for hydration but if you can’t live without it, then limit to one glass only. You can also munch on some chocolates. Eating them helps in better blood flow to the skin. So, pack yourself a chocolate box for the tour.


Traveling by road or air, a little snooze can make you feel better and energetic. That’s why it’s important to carry an eye mask with you are traveling. As it can be hard for many people to sleep while traveling. You can put your eye mask or try to meditate and relax.


You don’t want anyone to get dizzy when they meet you at arrival. To avoid it, freshen up before the arrival. Pop in mint, brush your teeth or use mouth wash for a fresh breath of air. Apply some deodorant or perfume on yourself. A small spray bottle with lavender oil and water mixture is a refreshing face spray.


A trip is incomplete without selfies. And to look good in selfies, we must accessorize smartly. As important is traveling in comfortable clothes, so is accessorizing the look. Accessorizing your look with a scarf, a statement neck piece, or a quirky handbag can immediately transform your entire look. Layering up a few light necklaces or bangles or bracelets also makes the outfit chic. A fedora for your hair, sunglasses for your eyes does the trick.

Hope these tips keep you stylish, beautiful and comfortable no matter what mode of transportation you choose.

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