Welcome to the Denver Zoo!

Disclaimer: We received free tickets to visit the Denver Zoo but our experience was so amazing we just had to share it with you although we didn’t have to., but why keep a good thing to yourself?

Mommy and I recently had the opportunity to experience the Denver Zoo.  Surprisingly it was our very first time visiting the zoo and I had to wonder, “why hadn’t we done it before?”. You may know that I currently live in Colorado Springs and while the zoo in the “Springs” is about 15 minutes from my house, visiting the zoo in Denver is an experience in it’s own. If you have plans on visiting Colorado one day be sure to put this as one of your must see! The Denver Zoo is an 80-acre facility located in City Park of Denver, Colorado. It was founded in 1896 and is owned by the City and County of Denver and funded in part by the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District. It is open 9am – 5pm daily but if you are a zoo member you can get an early admission at 8:30am.

Here is a tip for you when you decide to go to the Denver Zoo. Get there early so that you can find parking. While there is a parking garage and extensive outdoor parking, there were so many people there that it took mommy and I almost 10 minutes driving around waiting for someone to leave so that we can park.

Pricing to get into the park is very reasonable and affordable. 

  • Adults (Ages 12-64) – $15
  • Seniors (Ages 65+) – $12
  • Children (Ages 3-11) – $10
  • Kids 2 and Under – FREE

If you’re wondering are there any free days? Well we found out that there is actually a couple but they’re in the month of November. Not sure why that is but here they are. 

  • Monday, November 3
  • Friday, November 14
  • Thursday, November 20

Now mommy and I met up with another blogger and her daughter. Angela and Christine from First Time Mommy Adventures. Since mommy and I got there much later in the day Christine was already tuckered out and ready to head home. We did enjoy a show where we got to touch live animals and that was a blast. How often do you get to pet a Possum? That’s one thing about the Denver Zoo there is quite a lot for kids to do there. It’s the perfect family outing.

Now I have LOTS of photos to share with you because there was so much to see there. Mommy and I were there for over three hours and we still didn’t get to see everything. We did bypass the reptile section since I am very afraid of anything that resembles a snake.

Now let the picture show begin!

One of the highlights of my trip was actually getting to see Black Bears feeding on raw meat. I’ve never seen a Black Bear before so this was a new experience for me. Seeing them chow down on their meat also lets me know never to get too close either.

Now this was a sight to behold. I had never seen Flamingoes before and seeing so much of them at the same time was a beautiful sight.

While traveling through the primate section of the zoo I got to see a mommy carrying her baby. While my mommy didn’t carry me I did get to hop on a statue of a gorilla and get a picture, and I also got to play on the African congo drums.

I got to check out some more birds, the friendly ones that you can have at your home in a cage, and then there was the flightless ones. Meet the Penguins of Madagascar. OK I made that up.

Mommy and I took so many photos and I got to see quite a lot of animals that I had never seen before. So let the picture fest continue.

One thing that mommy and I really enjoyed about the Denver Zoo was how kid friendly it all was. There are so many things to do and explore.

And just when I thought I was done showing you animals, I found some more that I just have to share.

Before you leave make sure you grab something to eat, along with a souvenir of your trip or two. You’re going to want to remember this experience. Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to make this an all day adventure. Remember you are not going to be able to see it all in under 3 hours.

Bring your camera, take lots of photos and have fun!

To find out more about the Denver Zoo visit the Denver Zoo Website! It’s a great idea to plan your visit and you can even purchase your tickets. It’s always a good idea to be prepared.

The Denver Zoo totally gets my TWO TINY THUMBS UP which is why I’m going back soon!

Here are the ways you can connect with the Denver Zoo:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

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