20+ Cute RFID Passport Holders for the Female Traveler

As a frequent international traveler, a passport is one of my must-haves when traveling, and so is a passport holder. If you don’t own a passport, there are many reasons you should get one.

20 cute RFID passport holders for female travelers
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Having a passport holder makes it a lot easier to keep track of my passport when going through airport security and immigration, and since most come with slots to keep your ID, debit, and credit cards, it’s just an added bonus. However, with the increase of stolen identity, I decided to finally upgrade from a regular passport holder to one with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) protection. This way, when it’s time for me to travel once again, I’ll be ready. That’s if my passport doesn’t expire before then.

Since I was searching for an RFID passport holder for myself,  I decided to round up this list of over 20 cute RFID passport holders for other female travelers out there like myself.

You can find all of the passport holders on this list on Amazon, and most come with Prime one-day or two-day shipping. So if you’re in the market for a new passport holder for an upcoming or last-minute trip, you should be able to receive it in time for your departure.

20 cute RFID passport holders for female travelers

1. FASTONI Adventure Time Passport Cover

I’m always up for new adventures, so this really spoke to me. If you love taking new adventures as well, this is for you.

2. HAIKU Mushroom Passport Case

This is your basic passport case, so it only holds your passport, but it’s the simplicity of it that made me fall in love with it.

3. APADI Rose Gold Passport Holder

This is more than a passport holder. It’s also a wallet able to hold up to 4 passports along with multiple cards. It helps that it’s a gorgeous rose gold color. This is perfect for family travel, and the one I essentially decided upon as I tend to travel with my daughter frequently.

4. NACUWA Marble Passport Holder Cover

Marble is in and added with a hint of rose gold, this passport holder will add a touch of glam to your travel essentials.

20 cute RFID passport holders for female travelers

5. WALNEW Blue Diamonds Passport Holder Cover

I fell in love with the colors of this passport holder. Combined with an elastic strap, this will keep all your documents sure.

6. COCO ROSSI Rose Gold Cute Flowers Passport Holder

I love the slim design and the hint of floral. With a dedicated boarding pass slot, slots for credit cards, and cash, you’ll love this as much as I do.

7. MOKO Geometry Marble Passport Holder

This marble passport holder stands out with its color block design.

8. CASMONAL And so the Adventure Begins Passport Holder

I had to add another with adventure; however, this one comes complete with a set of luggage tags so you’ll be matching.

20 cute RFID passport holders for female travelers

9. COCO ROSSI Glitter Passport Holder

You know the saying, glitter makes everything better, and I’m in love with the Coco Rossi passport holders. There are quite a few designs, so choose your favorite.

10. SMOOTHEDO Floral Passport Holder

If you’re a fan of florals, then this is perfect for you!

11. MIAMI CARRY ON Cactuses Wallet and Passport Cover Set

Miami Carry On has many designs to choose from, but I decided on this one as I love the muted colors, but the choice is yours.

12. JAVOEDGE Pink Spiral Passport Case

Looking for bold, then this bright pink spiral passport case has your name written all over it. Bonus: it comes with a set of luggage tags as well.

20 cute RFID passport holders for female travelers

13. POCKT Lavender Passport Holder

Tone it down with this lavender passport holder. I loved the embossed airplane that reminds you that it’s time to book that well-needed vacation.

14. TALENT Rose Gold – Map Passport Holder

This rose gold passport holder has a magnetic button to keep your documents and cards safe inside. It also has a map instead of the boring United States of America seen on most passport holders.

15. MOKO Mixed Colors Passport Holder

How fun is this passport case? With an artwork look, it’ll be the perfect companion when booking a trip to peruse the many museums worldwide.

16. LEOTRUNY Marble Passport Holder

Keep it simple with this white marble print passport holder.

20 cute RFID passport holders for female travelers

17. ACDREAM Rose Gold Glitter Passport Holder Cover

If more glitter is your thing, then this rose gold glitter passport holder is screaming your name.

18. SUPGEAR Rose Passport Holder

Looking for more feminity? Then you’ll love this rose printed passport holder that has muted rose gold colors.

19. COCO ROSSI Blue Marble Passport Holder

I instantly fell in love with this blue marble passport holder from Coco Rossi.

20. BORGASET Limited Light Purple Passport Holder

There are many colors to choose from, but this light purple stole my heart. With slots for your credit, debit, and ID cards, passports, and boarding pass, there’s also a snap button closure to keep your items safe and secure.

20 cute RFID passport holders for female travelers

21. WITH LOVE FROM JULIE Always Take the Scenic Route Personalized Leather Passport Holder

I decided to throw in a few personalized options. While there are many from the list to choose from, I decided on this “Always Take the Scenic Route,” as sometimes we need to relax and just enjoy the moment.

22. WITH LOVE FROM JULLIE Mint Passport Holder with Matching Luggage Tag Set

This Tiffany blue color passport holder with matching luggage tags is not just beautiful but highly functional as well.

23. UUCOVERS Eiffel Tower Passport Holder

Take this one with you on your next trip to Paris, oh-la-la.

24. MIRABELLY Flamingo Passport Wallet Holder

Fell in love with the flamingos and the fact that this is one of the few zippered passport holders/organizers that’s even able to fit your cellphone.

20 cute RFID passport holders for female travelers

There are many more to choose from on Amazon, and I hope that you’ll be able to find one that you love for your next upcoming trip.

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