How To Take Care Of Your Home While You’re Traveling

How To Take Care Of Your Home While You're Traveling

You’re an adult who likes to combine traveling with owning a home. That way, you’re on the property ladder and have a place to come back to when you return. No more moving in with Mom and Dad for a “couple” of weeks!

Of course, owning a house means that you have to consider the mortgage payments and security consequences when you go away. Let’s start by saying traveling and investing in real estate isn’t impossible. As long as you cover the basics, it’s very doable.

For your information, the areas you should focus on are below.

How To Take Care Of Your Home While You're Traveling


Keeping up with your loan payments is essential. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay a fortune in interest, may lose your home, and have to return early to negotiate a compromise. The good news is that this doesn’t need to happen if you find a tenant who is willing to cover the mortgage while you’re away. You must do some research, such as a credit check and references, to ensure they are suitable candidates. But, as long as you are happy, moving tenants into your property should provide you peace of mind. Depending on property maintenance fees, this may help you to boost your travel budget, too.


Maybe you’re not going to be away long enough to warrant searching for a tenant. In that case, you should avoid the hassle involved in renting out your home. Still, it’s vital to ask someone to keep an eye on your property while you’re abroad. Otherwise, it’s an excellent target for burglars as they can tell when a house is unattended for long periods. Hopefully, your family and friends will be available, or a next-door neighbor. If they aren’t options, you can hire a cleaner to come and go a couple of times per week.

That way, your home won’t appear empty from the outside.

How To Take Care Of Your Home While You're Traveling


Cleaning your gutters will sound as if it’s the last thing on your to-do list. Why would you bother with them during the summer when you’ve got more important things to worry about? Well, the fact is that global warming is getting worse. Unfortunately, water will build up and burst if you don’t invest in gutter cleaning solutions. Once this happens, you’ll return home to a flooded property that requires thousands of dollars of maintenance. Therefore, it’s better to be on the safe side and ensure your gutters are clear in case of storms and inclement weather conditions.


Traveling means you won’t rely on your devices as much as usual. In many ways, this is a healthy change that you’ll want to embrace. On the flip side, it also means you’re disconnected from your home. If something happens and you need to react ASAP, it’s not going to be possible if you’re off the grid. So, it’s wise to log in to your social media accounts once in a while to double-check everything is okay at home.

How To Take Care Of Your Home While You're Traveling

Alternatively, take your normal SIM and check your messages, or pass your new number to your loved ones so that you’re always available.

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