5 Reasons Why You Should Own at Least 2 Non-Stick Pans

5 Reasons Why You Should Own at Least 2 Non-Stick Pans

Breakfast—the most important meal of the day or the most bustling one? Come on! Admit it, stop pretending. We all love a nice cup of tea in bed, and maybe some pancakes with scrambled eggs, but nobody loves turning oneself into a mini Master Chef first thing in the morning, but we don’t mind if someone else does it, right? Most of us just want it over with, get out of the house and off to work. While some who think of making breakfast as a fun and energizing activity (Kudos to you by the way), many of us sustain with a quick jam and toast.

What’s the midway, you ask? We are here to tell you that all you need for a luxurious breakfast without going through the time-consuming process of waiting for the bacon to cook while the eggs wait is another non-stick pan. Yes, it sounds convenient, right?

Here are five reasons why you should at least invest in at least 2 non-stick skillets rather than one:

5 Reasons Why You Should Own at Least 2 Non-Stick Pans

Wait Less, Cook More

The most obvious reason is, of course, less time. You can cook two things at the same time. You would no longer have to settle for eggs. You know what they say, work smarter, not harder. If you do not live alone, then owning at least two pans is a must. You don’t want the kids to be late for school, while you and your significant other hustle to put breakfast on time on the table. Nor do you want the kids to take a doggy bag with them on their way out.  We all know how stressful school mornings already are; don’t add more to it.

Size Matters

It is common sense that if you’re investing in pans, you should have different sizes. Having different sizes will allow you to be able to cook separate meals efficiently. It’s an excellent idea to invest in one that’s 8-10 inches and another of 11-12 inches. For example, your 8″ would be great for omelets and pancakes, while your 12″ is perfect for steaks.

Be Materialistic

Don’t be too early to judge by the headline! Hear us out. All we are saying is that you did well by buying different sizes, but how about giving it another whirl by taking one step further.  How about investing in different materials? Buy one for your on-stovetop cooking for quick mornings, and buy another with high heat resistance for your lavish weekend mornings when you want to upgrade your breakfast a little and treat yourself. After all, you deserve it!

5 Reasons Why You Should Own at Least 2 Non-Stick Pans

Happiness Comes in all Shapes and Meals

Let’s be a little more daring and experiment a little. Just like you made the perfect decision to bring diversity to your kitchen, be even more adventurous, and look around for different shapes. If you’re buying two non-stick cookware, go for one with low sides and wide bottoms for the usual crepes and eggs, and one with flared rims and higher sides for sautéing them greens and browning them sausages.

Cooking is an errand for some, but it can be fun by adding variety and colors into your kitchen.

It’s Not Just About Options

We completely get it if you are just not the person who can multi-task. But you still need more than one skillet, and here’s why. Imagine making scrambled eggs,  and then waiting for the skillet to cool down, then going through the hassle of washing it so you can finally get to your bacon. Who would want to do so much work in the morning? Just get two non-stick pans and Voila! No more waiting, and you’ll have the most pleasant breakfast in no time.

5 Reasons Why You Should Own at Least 2 Non-Stick Pans

Having more non-stick skillets at your disposal will also help you from anything to hosting dinner or lunch parties or even for a casual brunch with close family and friends. Select the products based on your cooking needs. Sautéing, braising, deglazing, poaching, and stir-frying are all functions of a skillet. Whatever you choose, should be durable and lightweight. Ensure that it can maintain temperature and is an excellent heat conductor. It is a plus if your skillets are also visually appealing. Luckily for you, there is a lot of variety in colors and patterns available in the market. Simply pick the ones that best suit your needs. 

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