About Me

Hi there! Welcome to AnnMarie John!

A  Quick Introduction

I’m AnnMarie John, a 40-something-year-old, retired army veteran, amateur photographer, and mom of four to Krissy, Kyle, Mikael, and Madison. Our home also consists of three Tibetan Mastiffs (Aspen, Ares, and Buddy), and a Birman cat (Cross).

I was born on a small island in the Caribbean named St. Vincent and the Grenadines, but I spent most of my “adult” life in the USA, primarily in New York City, until my family and I relocated to Colorado. My insatiable desire for travel was instilled in me as a young child when my mother would take me on summer vacations throughout the Caribbean, so when I “grew up” and had my own family, I decided that I would continue that same tradition.

I grew up on the quote that;

Travel is the only thing that you buy that makes you rich.

And it’s a quote that I stand by to this day.

It is a goal of mine to travel to every country in the world with my youngest who also enjoys traveling, while sharing our journey with our followers, also encouraging them to travel the world.

In Belgium

What I Can Offer


Partner with me to promote up-and-coming destinations as I increase awareness through my digital storytelling know-how. I can promote you across the AnnMarie John website, email list, and social media followers.


Maximize your brand’s reach through my engaged 90,000+ social media followers spread out across multiple channels. Multiple brands have worked with us because of our strong monthly reach and data-driven results.


Make your content stand out by hiring me to create high-quality content to get your brand’s message across. Not only am I an experienced storyteller, but I am also knowledgeable in getting your content out there through both organic and paid marketing campaigns.


I am always looking for travel brands whose mission and values align with mine so that I can promote them during my world travels. To date, I’ve partnered up with a few of the best brands in the industry collaborating on exciting partnerships.


Present your product to a fresh set of eyes as I create engaging yet honest reviews of your product, travel gear, apps, or website.

Madison and I in Sydney, Australia

Ready To Work With Me?

Please take note that due to the number of inquiries that I receive, I am only prioritizing paid advertisements and collaborations. Although I would love to work with as many people as I can, I DON’T WORK FOR FREE.

We also don’t work with the casino/gambling, tobacco (this includes vaping and e-cigs), CBD/cannabis, and the adult industry, so please don’t ask!

I value my readers and have a commitment to only partnering up with brands that fit my niche and company ethos. If you feel like this is you, you may contact me at annmarie@annmariejohn.com

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