What To Do When You Get Involved In A Motor Accident Overseas

 Suppose you’re overseas on a fantastic holiday that you have been looking forward to for quite a while. Then the unexpected happens, a motor accident. At that moment, you may be worried about no family or friends around you to help you through the traumatic experience. However, even when you are abroad, it is essential to take precautionary measures to reduce the probability of having an accident. Nevertheless, should the accident happen, the guide below will help you navigate through the situation.


Whether it is your fault or not, at the accident scene, turn off your engine and prioritize safety for yourself, your passengers, and even for the other party. Your health is vital. Call out for medical assistance immediately to attend to you in time.

The physician will assess the extent of your damages and offer prompt treatment. It may be minor or major medical procedures depending on the severity and impact of the accident.

Such medical processes must have a copy of all the treatments done to help you build a case when making your claim. The records should also contain every treatment and medical procedure you receive.

You can take pictures of the accident scene capturing the car’s registration details, truck, or even motorcycle involved in the accident. It helps you gather the necessary evidence that you will use when reporting the accident. You should take the details of the other driver, including their name and insurance cover too.

You can also make a report of the witnesses’ sentiments on the accident. Additionally, you can also document the witnesses’ names, residential addresses, and even contact information like their number to help you reach them conveniently when the need arises.

However, you can only ensure the safety of everyone around you when you are physically capable of checking. Therefore, when your injuries are severe, wait for medical assistance. Do not leave the scene unless on medical grounds. You should also correctly fill the accident statement when injured in a motorcycle accident and ensure the other party signs the document. Never sign any documents following the accident if you are unsure of the document details.

Never admit to your faults in the accident before police findings and reports, which will influence the case’s general claim. If you have trouble communicating with the other party due to the language barrier, you can get an expert translator to ease the communication.


Contacting the police to the accident scene is vital for adherence to the country’s laws. Additionally, you should also ensure that you make the police report in the traveling region. Also, make sure you have a copy of the police report, which will help you make your claim.

Additionally, do not speak to the insurance of the other party alone when pursuing your claim. The road traffic laws may differ from one country to another; thus, a seasoned attorney will help you avoid hefty repercussions, especially if you are the one in the wrong. On the other hand, your lawyer will also help you get fair and reasonable compensation if you are on the receiving end.

Your copy of the report should also contain the dates, time, and even location of the accident. Additionally, it should also have the vehicle make and license plate number and the insurance company, and the type of policy applicable. The probable circumstances leading to the accident should also be in the report.


When filed abroad and in your home country, insurance claims may deviate; hence, it is essential to consult your attorney for the best legal action to take. The legal jurisdiction may be different too. Additionally, local laws may vary from one country to another. Hence, your attorney will help you file your claim concerning other country laws to help you remain within the specific country’s timeframe to claim compensation.

Make sure you pursue your injury claim on the personal injury claim if you have an injury following the accident before time elapses.

The claim can fall under the responsibility of your tour holiday providers, depending on the nature of the accident. In such an instance, you can make your claim for service providers’ negligence during your stay if the service was under the tour company.

For an accident claim overseas, the jurisdiction takes precedence over the country you had the accident. Therefore, the other party’s nationality in the accident and the insurance company’s location are not considered.

Irrespective of the nature of the accident, it is critical to ensure you get medical attention immediately. Additionally, proper documentation of the accident and the procedures that follow is vital to enhance the claim process. Plus, always remember safety comes first.

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