How To Find Inspiration For Your Next Vacation Destination

Sometimes, figuring out where you want to go for your next vacation can be the hardest part of planning your trip. It’s important to find a destination you’re excited to explore, but it can be tough to consider your options when you don’t even know where to begin.

You should never feel resigned to a vacation destination, or choose a place to go that you aren’t thrilled to visit. Instead, seek out some inspiration to find a vacation spot you’re stoked to explore, for one reason or another. Not sure how to make that happen? Here are just a few ways you can find inspiration for your next vacation destination:


Many destinations, both domestic and international, are well-known for their food. From the cajun and creole dishes New Orleans is famous for to the crepes and croissants you’ll find in Paris, letting your stomach decide may not be the worst idea! Think about the types of food you love to eat – specific dishes, certain spice blends, or favorite ingredients – and see what destinations come to mind based on that.


If you’re looking to find inspiration in others’ travel photos, Instagram is the place to go. Search for a couple of travel-related hashtags, and you’ll find an endless stream of photos to pull inspiration from. Just take what you see with a grain of salt – unlike the raw photos captured by Google’s car cameras, the shots you’ll find on Instagram have likely been edited.


Odds are, your favorite books and movies don’t take place in your own backyard. From the Lord of the Rings films shot in New Zealand to the Harry Potter series, largely taking place in the U.K., the stories you love can provide excellent inspiration for your next vacation destination. Aside from getting to experience a place that’s interesting and new on its own, you can have fun with it and find ways to incorporate elements of the story that inspired your trip into your itinerary.


A great way to enjoy a vacation and make the experience memorable is to plan a trip that’ll allow you to see one of your favorite musical artists. If you don’t live in a major city, odds are the bands you love don’t pass through town very often, so taking a trip to see them play can be a great way to knock out an item on your musical bucket list and take a much-needed trip. Pull up a tour schedule and see if any of the cities on the list catch your eye – then book your flight and buy your concert tickets!


Go sightseeing without leaving your home by using the Google Street View feature. Drag and drop the Street View pin to any location Google has visited with their fleet of photo-snapping vehicles, and you’ll be able to virtually immerse yourself in that location, getting a glimpse of a potential vacation spot you’d never find on a Top Places To Travel list. If you’re looking to get off the beaten path, this is a great way to find inspiration for your destination.

Whether you let your favorite film dictate your vacation destination or you choose your next spot based on the best beach photo you could find, there are plenty of ways to find inspiration for your next vacation destination.

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