Five Things You Must Pack For Your Holiday Travels ~ #AlwaysDiscreet

Christmas is less than a month away, and the holiday season is in full swing – at least, it is for me! I’ve got presents to buy, a Christmas tree to trim, and travel plans to finalize before the big day is here, and that’s just the top of the to-do list. I’m once again teaming up with Always Discreet to share with you my packing essentials.

What’s on your holiday to-do list? For many, the Christmas season involves travel. Whether you need to drive a few minutes up the road, load up the car and embark on a good old-fashioned road trip, or catch a flight to enjoy the holiday with friends and family who live far away, you’ll want to come equipped for the journey.

As you gear up for your holiday travels, here are five things you absolutely must include on your packing list for a stress-free travel experience:

1 – SNACKS. Savory or sweet, snacks are a critical part of any Christmas road trip or plane ride. While you can always stock up at gas stations along the way or splurge on whatever snacks might be available on the plane, it’s best to come prepared with your own assortment of things you love to eat. Jerky, fruit leather, trail mix, chocolate-covered almonds, granola bars, and other non-messy, easy-to-eat treats are all great choices.

2 – ALWAYS DISCREET. One in three women has a sensitive bladder, and if you’re one of them, you’re probably dreading the thought of running through the airport to catch your flight or waiting just a little too long to find a rest stop on your road trip. Despite being surprisingly common, many people don’t know much about sensitive bladders. Here are a few facts that may surprise you:

  • Half of African American women experience bladder leaks
  • 45% of women with sensitive bladders feel older than they are – an average of 9 years older, to be exact
  • 32% of women feel unhappy compared to women without sensitive bladders
  • 33% of women who experience bladder leaks lack the confidence to wear the clothes they love
  • 48% of women with bladder leaks are more likely to have sleeping problems

It’s easy to see why bladder leaks can have a pretty serious impact on different areas of your life, from style and sleeping habits to relationships and confidence and, yes, even your holiday travel plans.

Instead of stressing over bladder leaks this Christmas, add Always Discreet liners to your holiday packing list. Always Discreet liners, pads, and underwear are designed with women’s needs in mind, offering the amazing comfort and reliable protection you need to enjoy yourself. You can learn more about Always Discreet liners here.

The Always Discreet line of products is available for purchase at Walmart.

3 – A TRAVEL BLANKET. If you’re road-tripping it, you might not get much use out of this as a driver, but your passengers will appreciate the warmth (or makeshift pillow) as they nap. And if you’re flying? You’d rather use a travel blanket you’ve brought onboard than one provided by the airline – trust me. Fortunately, travel blankets are relatively affordable, super comfortable, and ultra-compact, making them an easy addition to your packing list.

4 – WET WIPES. One thing I’ve learned is that messes don’t discriminate. Spills, crumbs, and sticky situations can crop up on the plane, in the car, in the middle of the grocery store, or just about anywhere else you can eat a snack or take your kids. Whether you’re driving or flying, reaching a restroom to clean up isn’t always the easiest option. In those situations, wet wipes can work wonders to help you handle a mess in a pinch.

5 – PLENTY OF ENTERTAINMENT! The last thing you want to deal with when traveling to your holiday destination is boredom – yours, or your families’. Fight boredom before it even strikes by ensuring everyone comes prepared with at least one or two distractions for the journey. Download some new music or movies to your phones or tablets, visit the library for a couple of good old-fashioned books to read, and bring a deck of cards or another easy-to-transport game for those times when the whole family is in need of a little distraction.

While there’s plenty of other stuff to include on your holiday packing list, like clothes and personal hygiene products, these are a few items I consider must-packs for any holiday road trip or cross-country flight. Put some thought into your packing process, and you’ll reward yourself with less stress when it’s time to vacation.

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