Five Things You Should Always Save On When Traveling

Gearing up for your next vacation? You’ve probably already come to terms with the fact that it’s going to cost you something. Between transportation, lodging, food, and any activities you want to try, there are plenty of things to spend money on. While there are definitely some things worth paying for to ensure a great time, there are a few areas where it can be quite easy to save a lot without impacting your experience. To start, here are five things you should always try to save on when traveling:


While it’s important to find a safe, secure, reliable vehicle to carry your family on vacation, don’t go wild and splurge on something you don’t really need. Unless you’re renting a car for a road trip, you don’t need to opt for all the bells and whistles or tons of space – little things that can add up to big fees. Instead, look around online and comparison shop, and you’re almost guaranteed to find a great deal.


More and more airlines are decoupling baggage fees from the standard ticket price, and paying to haul your belongings along can add up fast. If your ticket doesn’t cover the cost of your first checked bag free, try to consolidate as much as possible. See if you can pack light and fit everything into one bag. Not only will this help you save on cost, but the fact that you aren’t carrying so many bags will make it easier to get to and from your destination.


It’s perfectly acceptable to pick up a small trinket, t-shirt, coffee mug or other keepsakes to remember your trip by. However, don’t let your entire vacation revolve around shopping. Instead of buying a bunch of stuff to haul back home, make memories together. Spend your money on experiences and excursions you can’t find anywhere else. To remember your trip, take pictures and record videos.


If you choose a hotel that includes a free visit to the breakfast buffet each morning, take advantage of the opportunity to fill up for the morning. However, paying separately for access is rarely worth it. If your hotel includes an extra charge for access to the breakfast buffet, save yourself some money and pass. Whether you choose to bring some granola bars and enjoy breakfast in your room or grab a bite once you’re out and about for the day, you’ll likely spend less than you would for the family to access the buffet.


Paying for a tour in a new town can sound like a great idea, and in some situations – for instance, if you’re extremely short on time – can be the right choice. However, for most vacationers, splurging on a guided tour can be a big waste of money. While you may enjoy your experience and learn a few interesting pieces of information about your location, you can download an app to do the same or create your own tour with the help of Google Maps.

You’re guaranteed to spend a good amount of money when you’re on vacation, so it’s smart to take steps to save wherever you can. These are just a few ways you can make it happen!

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