Building a Travel Bucket List For Life After Lockdown!

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Covid 19 has impacted us all in many ways. Some have lost jobs, others have lost their lives, our children’s schools have been closed and we no longer have the freedom to do the things that we love. And as someone who enjoys travel, chances are you’ve had a number of trips, events, and fun occasions canceled this year as a result of the virus. It’s hard but right now, all of us need to be focusing on staying home to protect the healthcare system as well as each other. If you’re missing your adventures and trips away, why not work on building a bucket list now for places you’d like to go to once it’s safe to do so? You could research different destinations and things to do, save money, and make plans to give you something to look forward to. None of us know when this is going to end but it won’t be forever, so stay patient and do what you can for the time being. Here are some ideas to get you started.

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Animal experiences while traveling are always mind-blowing. From whale watching to swimming with wild dolphins, cuddling a koala bear, or going on safari, these are the best way to see animals in their natural environment. It’s one thing to see them on tv and in books, but quite another to see them in real life. So if you want to do something extra special, look into an experience like this. You could decide on the destination you want to visit first, and from there see what sort of animal opportunities are available.


What better way to take in and appreciate your destination than from above? Hot air balloon and helicopter rides give you those breathtaking moments that stay with you for a lifetime. Whether you’re floating over the countryside in a hot air balloon by day, or taking in the Vegas strip by helicopter at night, these are the sort of additions to any trip that are well worth booking. They can be pricey but you’ll be so glad you went for it, chances are it will be the most memorable time of the entire holiday.

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Festivals and celebrations allow everyone to come together and enjoy the atmosphere of the occasion, and once the coronavirus situation is sorted then chances are this is exactly what everyone is going to want to do. It might take some time for this to happen, possibly only once a vaccine has been developed, rolled out and had time to work- but think how amazing it will feel once we can do this again. Celebrate together, sing, dance, hug, and eat in each other’s company. You won’t want to overdo it by standing right by the speakers and giving yourself tinnitus, but getting back into the crowds and enjoying the sounds, smells and colors will feel incredible after so many months of social distancing.


If the destination you want to visit is by the coast, why not take advantage of the water? Beach days are fantastic, but what about getting out onto a boat and enjoying the tropical waters? It could be on a yacht, a sailboat, or a glass-bottomed boat. If you’re visiting a city that is known for its canals such as Amsterdam or Hamburg, you could take a canal boat trip or river cruise as a way to explore.


For many, a holiday is all about relaxation- but after months stuck in lockdown, perhaps you don’t want to relax? If you want to get out there and have some fun and adventures, why not look into some white knuckle adventures? White water rafting, bungee jumping, epic theme parks, and more will all probably appeal to you now more than ever! Use this as a time to get your bucket list in order and work out exactly what you want to do.

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Before, we always kind of had the option to travel (money and time permitting) but right now we’ve lost that freedom. So when things go back to normal again, make the most of the opportunities we have in life to do incredible things and see the places we dream of.


Building a Travel Bucket List

Building a Travel Bucket List

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