7 Uses for Pumpkin Oil

It’s Pumpkin Season and you may love pumpkin flavored desserts and treats, and you may love the taste of pumpkin seeds. But what do you know about pumpkin oil? Pumpkin oil is one of the often overlooked oils, as most people aren’t even aware it is an actual product. The truth is, pumpkin oil can be quite beneficial in your home and is one that every home can reap benefits from! Take a look below at 7 uses for pumpkin oil that you can try and see exactly how amazing this oil can be!

1. Soothe soreness.

Pumpkin oil can be added to your massage lotion to help soothe muscle soreness and inflammation. Just a few drops per palm full of lotion should do the trick. While it is helping soothe soreness, you can also bet it is hydrating the skin, soothing minor irritation, and helping firm. Don’t worry about it leaving a scent, as pumpkin oil is typically mild in scent, not like most pumpkin scented products.

2. Spice up your salads.

Pumpkin oil can be added to salad dressings to add a roasted, nutty flavor to the blend. Add the dressing then to your fall salads, or any salad for that matter for a unique flavor plus the health benefits that pumpkin oil adds. If you don’t want to use it alone, it can be used along with premade dressings as a flavor additive.

3. Make your meat marvelous.

You can try adding pumpkin oil to your meat and fish marinades to see if you like the flavor. If you love the taste of roasted pumpkin seeds, you will find that the pumpkin oil mimics this and can add it to your dish as opposed to a sweet pumpkin flavor. It works best when paired with another oil such as olive and variety of savory seasonings.

4. Boost your foundation.

Because pumpkin oil is nutrient rich, it can be added to your facial foundation for amazing results. Get smoother, healthier skin and enjoy foundation that is more like a beauty treatment than just a cover up. Just add a few drops of the oil to the jar and shake well before use.

5. Make hair soft and shiny.

The omega and fatty acids as well as the vitamins in pumpkin oil make it wonderful for your hair. Add a few drops to your palm full of shampoo and wash it in, then rinse it out. Even if some resides on your locks after rinsing, it will help hair look and feel more nourished, soft, and shiny. Pumpkin oil can be used in the same manner with conditioner, just add a few drops to your bottle or palm of your hand prior to use and will offer the same benefits.

6. Hydrate your skin.

Your skin would love to soak up all of the nutrients found in pumpkin oil! Add a few drops to your daily moisturizer, whether it be a facial moisturizer or an all over body moisturizer, a few drops will boost the hydration effects and give you glowing skin. You will find it is effective as well at minimizing skin blemishes as well as stretch marks and scars. While nothing will make these items vanish, it can help lessen their appearance.

7. Reveal younger, firmer skin.

The antioxidants and vitamins found in pumpkin oil can help firm and tone skin, while the moisturizing effects can help fill in light line and wrinkles. Add a few drops to your daily body wash so your skin can soak in the effects and start feeling and looking younger!

Are you convinced yet that pumpkin oil is for you? Then give these 7 uses for pumpkin oil a try and see if it is an oil you can’t live without.

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