How to Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is a strong emotion that nearly brings tears to our eyes. It seems to be a combination of thankfulness combined with pure joy. When we learn to practice gratitude in our everyday lives, we tend to be more positive and happier with what we have in life. If you are struggling with ways to practice gratitude, then read on to learn some easy ways you can practice gratitude every day.

Start a Gratitude Journal

Have a journal where you write down something you are grateful for each day. This can be written in at the end of the night or the start of your day. If you are struggling with a bad day, try to really focus on something small that made you feel grateful today.

Notice Beauty

Take time each day to witness the beauty that surrounds you in the world. This could be anything from nature, the stars in the night sky, or your family that unconditionally loves you every day. There is so much beauty in life, to behold, start to notice it more often.

Call Family

Make it a special task that you call family on a regular basis. Maybe you have a parent who loves hearing from you, start calling them on a regular basis to tell them how much you appreciate all they have done for you and who they are as a person.

Practice Non-Judgement

Refrain from judging another human being regardless of the situation. Taking time to step back and realize that not everyone is living life the way you see fit allows you to practice gratitude towards others living differently than yourself. When you start to use empathy and compassion, you will be most grateful.

One Day No Complaints

Set one day per week the day where you are not complaining about anything. This day is strictly for positive statements or simply saying nothing at all. Do not dare utter one complaint on this day and commit to this as a means to show gratitude.

Live Mindfully

Let go of the past and the future, learn to live in this moment right now. You will be more grateful if you can simply live mindfully and have your eyes set on today. The beauty of the day will pass you by if you focus too much on other days.

Give Compliments

Start complimenting others for their service provided or tasks they have done, or just a job well done in their line of work. Giving compliments is a great way to show gratitude to others and live a life full of gratefulness.

Focus on Friendships

Let go of those who have left your side along the years and really focus on the friendships you have in your current life. Show them that you are grateful for them by hosting a little barbecue gathering where you all share memories of grateful moments together.

End the Day Grateful

As you and your family sit down to dinner each night together, start sharing something each of you is grateful for today. This is a great way to practice gratitude and bring your family together in a peaceful mindset over your end of day meal.

Let’s discuss: How do you practice gratitude?

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