Must Do Fall Activities with Kids

Summer is almost over and Fall will be here in approximately nine days. There are so many fun Fall activities you can do with kids from toddler age up to the teen years. Today we will focus on some creative must to Fall activities so that you can prepare yourself for a fun filled day with those kids.

Go Apple Picking

Fall brings in the season of fresh, crisp apples! Check out your local apple picking center and plan a trip to go pick some fresh apples. Take part in a wagon ride as most apple picking locations have a wagon ride on hand to bring you out to the orchards. Once you are done picking apples, you can come home to prepare some yummy apple recipe desserts and snacks with the kids!

Leaf Jumping

This is a perfect way to have the kids clean up the yard while having fun. Get out there with the rakes and kids and rake the lawn up into a pile of huge leaves. Be sure to remove all sticks and other debris from the pile. Once your leaf pile is safe of debris and other pointy items, you may put the rakes aside and run to jump in those leaves. This is sure to make for some laughter and happiness with the kids this Fall.

Birthday Party

Many kids have a Fall birthday, it seems to be one of the most popular seasons for birthdays. If you have a kid that celebrates a Fall birthday, then plan a barnyard bash. This crisp, cool season of Fall gives many opportunities to have a blast hosting a barnyard themed party for your kids. Don’t have a kid with a Fall birthday? Well just throw a party to have some fun with friends and family!

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patches are great places to create lasting family memories and a place to reconnect. Not only do you get to pick the perfect pumpkin for halloween, but there are usually quite a few things for the entire family to do as well. From hay rides, corn mazes, treats and games, you can start a fall tradition by visiting pumpkin patches with your kids.

Make a Giving Thanks Tree

This is perfect to prepare for Thanksgiving time, where you remind each other what you are thankful for. An easy to make craft idea that the whole family can get involved in is making a giving thanks tree. There are many ways to make a giving thanks tree; some use your basic construction paper type supplies while others make a model tree. Have fun with this on a cold Fall day with kids.

Create an Inside Campground

Shut off all of your electronics and detach from the world of technology to set up an inside campground with the kids. Fall brings on a bit of cold weather to be camping outside overnight, so turn your living room into a campground. Setup an actual tent and be prepared to have no electricity on and have fun with the kids while you all have in inside camp slumber party.

Having fun in the Fall involves both indoor and outdoor activities with the kids. There are many ways to create long lasting memories with your kids this Fall season. We hope that you will work to complete those must do Fall activities with kids so that you have a blast together this Fall.

Let’s discuss: What fall activities do you have planned this fall with your kids? 

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