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My husband likes to say that I’m very uncoordinated and tend to bruise easily. I tend to joke that it’s the European in my blood. I admit it, I’m a klutz and you can always find me tripping over my two left feet. Today’s post come compliments of PROcure Bruise Remedy Gel that has been helping me in regards to my bruises that are left after I walk into, or trip over something.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of PROcure. All opinions are 100% mine.

Lately, exercise has become my savior and I tend to work out as lightly as possible since anything too strenuous or too intense can sometimes leave bruises. Bruises tend not to heal nicely and leave scars. Now that I’m getting older I have been trying to take better care of my skin, and one of the things that has concerned me is how to get rid of the bruises that arise. As a medic, I knew of a few methods that have worked well for me over the years, but I was recently introduced to a new product that works just as amazing. I’m talking about PROcure Bruise Remedy Gel. Surprisingly, soon after I received PROcure Bruise Remedy Gel, I walked into our bedroom door and it left a small bruise on my upper arm. Go figure! Anyway, here are the 4 methods that I personally use.

1. Ice Method

If you’re at home and have access to ice, applying it immediately to your bruise will help to reduce the swelling. You can also use frozen vegetables. Never apply both directly to the skin, but instead, have them wrapped in a towel. Ice generally reduces the amount of blood that flows around the bruised area. Apply for 10 minutes, then reapply after 20 minutes. However, ice isn’t always available – especially if you’re on the go, it isn’t always practical.

2. Heat Therapy

Just as with the cold, heat can help reduce bruising as well. A hot water bottle or a heat pack can help to boost circulation and increase the blood flow, in turn helping to release the trapped blood around the bruised area. Soaking in a hot bath can also help to relax tense muscles.

3. Compression Bandage

Wrapping the bruised area in a compression bandage helps to prevent the bruise from spreading. It also helps to reduce the pain and swelling around the area, in turn helping to speed up the healing process.

4. PROcure Bruise Remedy

I was recently introduced to PROcure Bruise Remedy Gel which contains botanical-rich all natural Arnica Montana. I had previously heard that Arnica, a herb, helps to reduce inflammation and swelling when applied directly to the affected area. PROcure comes in a non-greasy, fast absorbing gel form and helps to fade away discoloration and also dramatically helps to improve the appearance of spider veins on your feet and ankles. It has a gentle “no-touch” applicator so applying is a breeze. I don’t have to touch it and was amazed at how easy it seems to absorb into my skin. My bruise hasn’t completely gone away, but I can surely see a difference.

What I love about the PROcure Bruise Remedy Gel is that unlike all my other treatments, this can be stored easily in my bag whenever traveling. After all, when it comes to the story of my life, anything that can go wrong usually does. So, if you’re like me and you’re worried about bruising or have bruising that you’d like to see disappear, pick up a tube of PROcure Bruise Remedy Gel. To get you started here’s a PROcure product coupon just for you!

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