Getting Ready for a Summer Road Trip – #PGDetailsMatter

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Now that the kids are officially out of school, there are a few things that I love doing. As you may know, I’m a big fan of road trips, and I’m also a big fan of crafting. Those are actually 2 things that actually relax me. I ’m pretty weird like that. I’m one of those who can drive for very long distances and be comfortable behind the wheel. However having a car full of kids isn’t always fun. When they’re not complaining about the other, I can almost always expect my car to not only look trashed at the end of our trip, but also not smell so great either. So what do I do before we go on our trip? How do we get ready for the summer?


Well first of all I head to my local Costco to stock up on summer Procter & Gamble household essentials. When you have kids you know that it’s obvious that they’re going to have dirty laundry. You don’t want to travel with dirty laundry which can not only smell horrible, but who doesn’t want clean clothing? How do I keep my clothing smelling fresh? Well I use Tide Pods, because not only does 1 pod clean an entire load of laundry, it eliminates me using too much detergent, and even my oldest can do his own laundry because there’s no measuring.  I also use Downy Unstopables because they boost the scent and make our clothes smell so much better. And you can’t ever forget your Downy  April Fresh fabric softener, which also makes your clothes extra soft and once again, don’t forget the smell.

Get Your Car Ready:

Take your car to your mechanic and get it serviced before taking long road trips. You don’t want to be caught on the highway with a problem. GPS Check! Snacks Check! Air Freshener Check! Air Freshener you said? Yes, being in a car for hours on end with kids can not only take a toll, but they can also leave your car stinking as well. I’m talking about stinky feet and food. I always make sure that we have Febreze Car Vent Clips so that my car always have that clean fresh smell.

Snacks and Activities:

Now you’re going to want to make sure that you’re stocked up on snacks for the kids. You don’t want to stop every hour to grab something to eat. If you have a mini cooler, add a few drinks and some sandwiches, which you can keep cold. This will eliminate the need to stop, unless of course you’re going to the bathroom. Snacks of course sometimes means having a mess so I always make sure to have a roll of paper towels handy. Just like it cleans up the messes from our craft activities, it cleans up spills and messes when we’re on the road as well. Nothing beats the power of Bounty Advanced.

So while those are ways we get ready, as you can see Procter & Gamble products not only help us with our preparation but they’re also products we use in our daily household needs. So when you’re getting ready, head to your local Costco and stock up on your own summer essential needs.

Let’s discuss: How do you get ready for road trips, and which household product do you use the most? 

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