Safe Home Cleaning For Families With Pets

When you have pets, it’s important to clean regularly in order to keep your house tidy. However, if you have furry friends around, you’ll need to be aware of what kind of cleaners you use. Certain types of chemicals can be harmful to animals; so considering your options when it comes to cleaning supplies can make a big difference in the health of your pet.

Chemical Cleaners

Cleaners that contain chemicals such as bleach or ammonia can be used safely with some modifications. The most important thing to remember when using these cleaners is that they are very strong. These chemicals can harm your pet if they get it on their skin or fur, and can be fatal if ingested.

Whenever possible, dilute the amount so the fumes won’t be as offensive to your pet. Whether you are using a diluted chemical cleaner or not, always keep your pet out of the area being cleaned, at least until the cleaner has dried. This will keep them from getting the solution on their paws or into their mouths.

If you do decide to go with chemical cleaners, remember to always keep them out of your pets’ reach. Pets can be sly, so if you keep them in a lower cabinet, consider using child-locks to keep them out.

Natural Cleaners

A better option for pet owners is natural cleaners, such as those made with vinegar, essential oils, and enzymes. Natural cleaners can be used in the same way as chemical cleaners, and come in a variety of similar options, including glass cleaner, bathroom spray, and more. You can purchase natural cleaners at a store, or you can make your own at home with fairly simple ingredients.

These products typically don’t have ingredients that are toxic to animals, so you can use them without worry. They also tend to have less fumes and odor overall, so it’s more comfortable for your pet’s delicate nose. Although you still don’t want your pet to eat these cleaners, there’s no need to panic if they do get it on their paws, or if they happen to give your freshly cleaned surface a lick.

Once you get your cleaning routine down, picking up after pet can be pretty easy. Part of the initial hassle is finding the right cleaners for your home and budget; once you decide on the safest cleaners for your home, you’ll find cleaning to be less of a time-consuming chore. If you find yourself needing a company to clean your residence for you, make sure to hire pet-friendly cleaners like Clean Conscience.

Let’s discuss: If you’re a pet owner, do you consider the products you use around your pets?

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