The Oversized Denim Jacket

Rock that tank top, distressed jeans and oversized denim jacket. It’s all the rage right now!

We currently having some of the best weather we’ve seen here in Colorado for some time. I’m talking weather that is close to 80°, it’s been so great that you can go outside in tank tops and shorts. I haven’t quite mastered the art of shorts as yet, but we all know that my love for denim is real, especially distressed denim. I love it so much that I even recently purchased a distressed oversized denim jacket. Whoever invented the oversized jacket, thank you! I am loving it! There are so many ways you can wear it and I’m mastering them all.

Putting this look together was so easy and it is so easy to style. What I love about layering is that when the weather gets too hot, I can take the jacket off and if it gets cooler, such as late at night, I can always put it back on. I also paired my look with a tank top, white distressed skinny jeans, and pair of booties but you can do sneakers, pumps or even boots. That’s the thing about jeans, they’re so versatile.

How To Style Your Oversized Denim Jacket

1: You can wear your oversized denim jacket over a tank, tee, button down or even a sweatshirt. I have even seen oversized denim jackets over skirts and dresses. No matter how you wear it, it’s going to look cool.

2: If you decide to go with a top and bottom look, I think jeans are the best. While you can wear jeans, such as skinny distressed jeans, you can also do boyfriend jeans, or even shorts. Leggings and jeggings are also fine and don’t forget, skirts are also a nice touch.

3: Wear your oversized denim jacket the “normal” way, or whatever you define as normal. Over the shoulder or even tied around your waist when you want to have a more urban look.

4: Boots (knee high, low), booties, sneakers, sandals, or even pumps, you name it, it will all work and you can totally rock it!

There are so many ways to wear an oversized denim jacket and whichever way you decide to wear it, be you while doing so. You might see me wearing this jacket in a few more upcoming post. It has now become my go to jacket when going out. I love the distressed look, it has the perfect length and it is sooo comfortable. Short jackets are so out, and my new oversized jacket is so very in!

How would you style your oversized denim jacket? 

Get the look!

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