Understand & Manage Children’s Allergies – #Claritin

Spring is officially here and with it comes the sunshine, but also the rain. We’ve been having amazing weather, even before spring officially came, however, instead of the calm that I expected, it’s been more of a storm. Kyle first started sneezing and sniffling and then Madison started. Automatically my mind started racing, “oh no – is it a cold, or is it allergies, what can I do?”.

Luckily for me, the makers of Children’s Claritin® have a Smart Allergy MomTM Toolkit, which is a great resource and tool for me and for many parents in learning how to understand and manage our children’s allergies. I started looking at the symptoms and since my kids are also allergy sufferers like myself, I knew exactly what it was. It is so easy for parents to assume their kids have a cold when they start sniffling and sneezing, but it doesn’t always have to be so. While colds and allergies present many of the same symptoms, colds are usually accompanied by a fever while allergies aren’t.

Madison loves the great outdoors. You can never find her inside as long as there’s some sunshine outside. However, with spring comes allergies. The pollen count is high, and the sneezing and sniffling begin. That doesn’t mean that she’s going to stay indoors. No way! Madison is an adventurer, and she’s not going to let a little pollen keep her inside. We depend on Children’s Claritin® (available for kids ages 2+) to help manage her allergies.

It doesn’t cause drowsiness so she’s free to run around all day and night. It helps relieve symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, and itchy nose or throat. Children’s Claritin® is also the only brand that provides 24-hour, non-drowsy allergy relief products* (*among Oral OTC Children’s Brands). Madison likes the chewables, which come in flavors such as grape and bubble gum and are kid-approved for great taste. For children 6+, Claritin® also offers RediTabs, which dissolves easily in their mouth.

So how can one understand and manage your children’s allergies? With the Smart Allergy Mom™ Toolkit!

How does Smart Allergy Mom™ Toolkit work?

The website contains various tools to help parents understand and manage their kids allergies. Tools such as an allergy forecaster to track the pollen count in your area. Know when the pollen count is high and when it is low, so you’ll be prepared.

Learn: Learn some of the differences between an allergy and a cold. It can be difficult at times but the Smart Mom Allergy™ Toolkit provides information to help you understand some of the differences, so you know whether or not your little one’s symptoms may be due to allergies or a cold. Learn what triggers those allergies.

Ask: Now that you know what those symptoms are, the website can give you prep questions that you can now ask your pediatrician when you next visit. If the symptoms are related to allergies, you can ask pertinent questions relating to allergies for kids. You want to be prepared in the doctor’s office, and the website can help you be prepared.

Manage: Smart Allergy Mom™ Toolkit not only provides you with tips on how you can help manage your child’s allergies but also how you can minimize them. Whether your child suffers from indoor or outdoor allergies, there’s a symptom tracker that you can download so you can keep track of what may be causing those allergies.

Claritin’s Smart Allergy Mom™ Toolkit has been a real lifesaver for not just me, but also for my children as well. As allergy sufferers, I don’t know what I would have done without it. The pollen count alone has saved me countless of times,  to help me decide about when to plan a day outdoors and when to stay in, or I’d be a slobbering mess myself. If you’re a parent with a child suffering from allergies, or you’re unsure, check out the website and get some answers. Learn what to say at the next doctor’s appointment and get a handle on their allergies today!

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