Eight Screen-Free Ways To Keep Your Kids Entertained During The Holidays

If you’re trying to figure out how to keep your kids busy during Christmas break, you aren’t alone. When the kids are out of school for days or weeks at a time, it can be tough to find ways to keep them entertained – and unless your little one is particularly self-directed, they’re probably going to come to you for inspiration when boredom strikes.

It can be easy to let technology do the heavy lifting for us when our kids run out of stuff to do. We could give our kids a tablet or turn on their favorite television show – but is that really the best way for them to spend their time? Instead, consider one of these eight screen-free ways to keep your kids entertained during the holidays:

BUILD A FORT. There are few things more fun than building the biggest, best pillow fort you possibly can. Pull out all of your spare blankets, sheets, and pillows and let your little ones go wild. And don’t leave yourself out of the fun – offer to lend a hand when they need some help hanging things up high.

HEAD TO THE LIBRARY. Remind your little ones that books can be fun! Pay a visit to your local library while the kids are out of school and help your kiddos pick out a few books to read throughout the holidays. See what else your library is willing to lend – some will share DVDs, games, and even cool equipment like telescopes!

GET DRAMATIC. You can have a ton of fun acting out scenes from your child’s favorite movie or show – or come up with your own creative Christmas story to share. Write a script, make some costumes, and gather your audience (stuffed animals are totally OK) – and let the show begin!

DECORATE A GINGERBREAD HOUSE. This classic Christmas activity is a fun and easy way to keep the kids busy. Equip them with frosting, icing, gumdrops, candy canes, and other candies they can use to adorn their gingerbread house and challenge them to be as creative as possible as they design their delicious masterpiece.

FAMILY GAME NIGHT! Turn off the gaming consoles and spend some time playing board games together. From well-loved classics like Sorry and Life to newer family favorites like Spontaneous – The Song Game and Double Ditto, there are plenty of games to choose from to keep your whole family occupied and entertained.

CREATE CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS. If your children look forward to arts and crafts, dedicate some time over the holidays to creating some homemade holiday decorations. They can make snowflakes from construction paper or popsicle sticks, ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree, or handmade cards to decorate the mantle and send to friends and family.

GO BOWLING. Bowling can be a fun, low-tech way to have fun as a family, and you don’t even have to head to a bowling alley to do it! While renting a lane at a local alley can be a blast, especially if the weather’s only so-so, you can DIY a little bowling action in your own home! Set up empty water bottles or 2-liters at the end of a hall and take turns rolling a ball toward your “pins” to see who can knock down the most.

GET OUTSIDE. Unless your child is fighting a cold or some other sickness, the cold weather is no excuse to stay inside. Instead, bundle up and head outdoors for a little old-fashioned fun. If you like somewhere with snow, you can go sledding, build a snowman, have a snowball fight, or make snow angels. No snow on the ground? Bike to a nearby playground or go for a nature walk together.

From fun holiday traditions to family excursions, there are plenty of ways to keep your kids entertained during the holidays without letting technology turn their brains to mush! With a little out-of-the-box thinking, you’re sure to find even more ways to help your little ones have fun – no technology required.

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