Christmas Morning Traditions For Magical Family Memories

We spend all year looking forward to the magic of the holidays, but with the hustle and bustle that surrounds the Christmas season, it can pass in a flash. Christmas Day is your last real opportunity to celebrate the holiday season, so make it a point to slow down, focus on family, and really cultivate the memories you want to cherish years down the road.

One of the best ways you can do this is by embracing traditions as a family – recurring elements in your holiday plans that everyone can look forward to together. From food-related traditions to ways to make the morning a little more fun, here are a handful of my favorite Christmas morning traditions that help my family make magical memories together:

Make Breakfast a Tradition!

I’ve made the mistake of trying to tackle a huge breakfast on Christmas morning, and I’ve found myself stuck in the kitchen, prepping breakfast nobody wants, while the rest of the family is clamoring to open presents around the Christmas tree. It’s smart to make Christmas breakfast something that’s delicious, but also something that’s quick and convenient. Bake up a tray of cinnamon buns (premade the evening before) or whip up a quick breakfast casserole to fill everyone’s bellies before you see what gifts Santa left behind, and everyone will come to look forward to it year after year.

Look for Evidence of Santa.

While this tradition may be lost on older children who already know the truth about Santa Claus, it’s a great way to make things extra fun for little ones. If Santa paid a visit to your home on Christmas Eve, leave a small trace to let your kiddos know he was around. This could be in the form of half-eaten cookies on his plate and an empty milk glass, a thoughtful note to your child, or a dusting of flour or powdered sugar in the shape of footprints leading from your tree to your fireplace.

Turn a Gift into a Scavenger Hunt! 

One way to draw out the process of unwrapping your family’s gifts is to gamify part of the process. Take the “big” gift of the year and hide it somewhere in the house. Then, craft a series of clues that’ll help your little one find it. Have even more fun with it by hiding the initial clue in the biggest box you can find underneath the tree.

Watch Your Favorite Christmas Classic.

You don’t have much more time to watch your favorite holiday movies, so put your family’s favorite film on once more. Laugh along with it in the background as you unwrap your presents, or snuggle up on the couch together in the afternoon with some hot chocolate after everyone’s had a chance to check out their new gifts.

Choose one – or more – of the traditions I’ve listed here to embrace as a family, or figure out what unique traditions you’d like to start to make your Christmas morning a little more meaningful. However you choose to celebrate the holidays, do what you can to really capture the spirit of the season and make memories your family will reflect on for years to come.

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