How To Better Get To Know A City You Just Moved To

Moving into a new city is much easier on paper than in practice. There are a lot of things you need to take care of before you move, and you already know that way too well. However, once you deal with everything, it will all be worth it in your new home in a new city. It only gets better after you deal with all the boring stuff of moving, but it is not over yet. 

You will need to get familiar with the new city that you will be calling home now. This step is very fun because it is always exciting to explore a new and unknown area. However, you will need to do this step in an appropriate and efficient manner to get to know it better. This is a simple guide that will explain everything about getting familiar with a new city.


The best way to get familiar with a new city is with the help of new apps. The best apps are the ones that offer you a lot of information while being very simple to use. A clear winner by that parameter would be InCityLife with its minimalist search bar and a lot of businesses. By just typing in what you want in the new city, you will see everything you need. You do not want less information, but you also do not want to be overwhelmed with so many options in the new city.

This is why apps are very good for getting familiar with a new city. You can filter out what interests you with great ease and find what you are looking for. Doing all of this research on your own is quite tiresome. You do not know what you are facing. Apps are made to be user-friendly and thus make exploring a new city much easier. Besides being easier, it is also stress-free and way more fun to look around a new place.


Maps represent a great way of looking at the exact things that surround you. Street View is especially great for getting familiar with new surroundings until you arrive. It is important to look up important locations in the new city, such as grocery stores and pharmacies. Even though you hope you will never need to see a hospital or a police station, memorize their locations. Look at your street and try to remember the names of streets around where you live.

Look up public transport stops and what lines are near your house. You will never memorize them before you start riding public transport, but you need to start somewhere. It is important to know the routes of major lines in case you get lost in the city. Once you know the essentials, then it is time to look up places that you like, whether it is the library or underground clubs. The essentials always come first, and then cultural landmarks and places to hang out.

Talking to other people

No one knows the city better than the people that live in it. Ask them to show you around. You can meet up with someone to show you the city and give you an in-depth tour. It is not hard to find people that would be willing to help you around, especially if they like their city.

You can find such people online on Facebook groups or some other social media platforms. It is important to talk to those people, but also be careful with such people. Unfortunately, there are some very creepy people out there that prey on newcomers as easy victims.

Walking around

You can only learn so much in theory, the true test comes when you move into the new city. Once you arrive, you should walk around and take public transport as much as possible. That way, you will get the most out of the local scenery and learn as you go.

By walking around and using apps and maps, you will be able to memorize everything in no time. If you just walk around seamlessly, you will just forget what you did and need to repeat it. That is, unless you like getting lost and just want to enjoy the scenery, in which case it is perfectly fine.

In Conclusion

These tips were selected because they are easy to follow when you are moving into a new city. It is important to use these basic steps because they are the most efficient for good reasons. Most of the time, keeping it simple is usually for the better, especially in an unknown city. With these simple tips, you can not go wrong, you can only learn more about the city.

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