Easy Ways to Stay Active in the Winter

Yesterday I woke up to an alert from my kids’ school, around 4:30am, letting me know that school was canceled for the day due to inclement weather. I live in Colorado where the weather can change as quickly as you can change your clothing. However, when I woke up I was met with at least six inches of snow on the ground. It is fair to say that winter has officially arrived. I’m all for hibernating during winter, just like a bear. Wrapping up in a nice warm blanket and never leaving my bed unless I absolutely have to, but I know I shouldn’t. So how do I keep active in the winter? Well, I have a few tips to share with you on how you, right along with me, can stay active this winter.

Have a Snowball Fight

Nothing cures the winter blues faster than a good old fashioned snowball fight. Gather family and friends to head outside into the great unknown as you collide in a full-throttle snowball fight together. It’s sure to create some laughter and keep you active. When you’re done, lay in the snow and make yourself some snow angels.

Pick Up A Winter Sport

You could become a skier, snowboarder or you can even snowshoe as a means to get active in the winter. If you haven’t tried any of these winter sports, make it a mission to start this year. Give each winter sport a try until you find one that works well for who you are.

Use Workout DVD’s

Head to your local retail shop and purchase some inexpensive workout DVD’s. Have a blast with this daily workout inside of your warm cozy home. It’s a great way to start your day so the winter blues don’t settle in.

Bundle up for a Walk

Take a nature walk at a local track that is set up for people to enjoy this activity during the winter season. The whole family can enjoy a weekly walk in the woods as they take in the change of season’s scenery.

Go Sledding

Just like gathering the family and friends up for a snowball fight, why not go sledding? Better yet, host a sledding party. Send out invitations and get those friends of yours out there on the sledding trails for some good old winter sledding.

Find an Indoor Pool

If you are looking for a memory of summertime, then why not find an indoor pool? Swimming is a great activity to do all year round, when you find the right location that is. Most recreational and community centers will know where an indoor pool can be found.

Don’t Discount Chores

Even doing daily household chores such as vacuuming and sweeping can be a mild activity that counts towards your daily exercise. Spend one day a week focused on indoor chores as a means to forget about the cold outside and get that home sparkly clean.

Shovel Snow

More than likely you’ll have enough snow of your own to shovel your driveway. Instead of using the kids, you can do it yourself. You can also offer to shovel the snow off the driveway of your elderly neighbors who may need the help. This is also a great way for teens to make some extra money during the winter as well. When the next snowstorm hits, get outside with the shovel and get to work clearing the driveway.

When attempting to do any of these as a means to stay active in the winter, please remember to dress appropriately. Be sure to check the weather report before attempting any outdoor activities. You do not want to get stuck in a snowstorm on a mountaintop doing one of your winter sport. There are so many ways you can get active in the wintertime, you just have to find the time to do so.

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