Allergy Season Alert with Claritin

It’s officially fall and for us, that means pumpkin patches, apple picking, falling leaves, and allergies. I suffer severely from allergies and it’s easy for me to figure out whether or not I have an allergy or a cold. However, for my kids, it’s not that easy.

So far one of my boys has stayed home from school because of the sniffles. Let’s be honest! Back to school usually means that your child may come home more often than not, sniffing and sneezing. We all know that children just love passing along whatever they have to each other.

However, it can be difficult to distinguish between a cold or an allergy. Even as an adult it can be challenging, especially so when it comes to kids. That’s one of the reasons the makers of Children’s Claritin® decided to put together a website, Smart Allergy Mom™ Toolkit, an online resource to help you manage your children’s allergies.

Madison is very adventurous and just loves being outdoors, no matter the weather. While she’s great during the summer and winter seasons, I’ve noticed that she does suffer quite a bit, much like I do, during the spring and fall. However, she doesn’t let that hinder her fun. She’s all about jumping and rolling around in the leaves, and even smelling the flowers during the spring. Looking at her, you won’t realize that she’s an allergy sufferer.

The Smart Allergy Mom™ Toolkit has been a great resource to me. I’m able to check it out and see when the pollen count is going to be high. There’s also information to help me distinguish between whether or not Madison is suffering from allergies or an actual cold. While there are symptoms that are similar, sometimes you really can’t tell the difference. For example, colds and allergies may all present coughing, sneezing, runny nose, and even a headache, while a cold may have a fever and an allergy wouldn’t.

If you think that your child may be suffering from allergies and you are new to this, the website even give you questions that you can ask your doctor, along with a symptom tracker so you can keep track of your child’s symptoms. Each child suffers differently and is also triggered differently by different things. For example, while Madison suffers mostly from pollen, Mikael suffers more from dust, so I make sure that there is an air purifier installed in their rooms with HEPA filters.

I’ve also been using Children’s Claritin® because it’s recommended for children ages 2 and up and it’s also the #1 Pediatrician Recommended Non-Drowsy Oral Allergy Brand for kids. I love that it doesn’t make her drowsy and it provides 24 hr relief from her running nose, itchy, watery eyes, itchy nose or throat, and that horrible sneezing that can become very annoying. She also loves it because it comes in flavors that kids just love, bubble gum and grape in a chewable form, or grape syrup. And for children aged 6 and over, Claritin® offers RediTabs (orally dissolvable tablets that melt in your mouth).

The Smart Allergy Mom™ Toolkit is an invaluable resource for moms and dads, and I couldn’t recommend it enough. With resources to help you manage your children’s symptoms, including understanding more about types of allergies and tips to minimize both outdoor seasonal allergies and indoor year-round allergies. If you’re a parent with a child suffering from allergies, you’re going to want to visit the website so you can make smart decisions about your child’s allergies. Check them out today!

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