Ask Away Friday With My Future Husband




Oh the wonders of pre-scheduled posts! Yes my mommy is still in the hospital but she was able to do this post before she went. We wanted to share our Ask Away Friday questions and answers because this one is super special. How special you ask me? This time I get to introduce you ONCE AGAIN to my future husband Desmond Bowman. And yes I did introduce him as thus the very first time as well. He guest posted for me when I went on vacation and gave me some great tips on How To Give Your Mom a Meltdown. If you haven’t read it then you need to. Now I also had some questions for Des as well and you can read all about it on his mom’s blog Tamara Camera Blog. His mom is totally amazing and takes the most beautiful photos. I am keeping my fingers crossed for my own photo shoot with her one day. I know for a certainty that it will be amazing!


For those of you who aren’t familiar with Ask Away Friday, it’s an amazing way for you to meet new bloggers. This idea was brought to life by the wonderful Penny from The Real Housewife of Caroline County and Amber from The Bold Fab Mom! This is their wonderful creation and one that has totally taken the blogging world by storm.

Now on to our questions from my future husband. I just had to say it again!

What is your favorite animal to see? And imitate? What is an animal you would love to see in real life, but haven’t yet?

To be honest with you, I haven’t seen many animals besides the domesticated ones. I did get to meet a giraffe up close and personal once when I went to the zoo when I was younger. I do have plans on going back again this summer. Maybe we can go together.

I do love imitating cows though. I just love the sound a cow makes. Mooooooo! It was the first animal sound that I made when I started learning to talk. Since then I’ve learned other sounds by listening to that song “What does the Fox say?” which is one of my favorite songs right now.

An animal I would love to see in real life that I haven’t seen as yet would be a buffalo. I was hoping to see one during our road trip but I didn’t have any luck. I consider it to be one big cow and I thought it would be great to see them up close and personal.

Do you ever remember your dreams? What do you dream about?

I dream a lot about Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. There have been times when I would just jump out of my sleep and say “Mouse”. I must have been playing with Mickey and Minnie at the time because they are my absolute favorite on the show.

How do you cope when you think you’re being VERY clear with what you want, but the taller people in your life don’t understand what you’re saying? 

Oh I don’t cope at all. I tend to throw things, put my hands to my side and scream. That usually gets them jumping to attention wanting to find out what I want. I would suggest doing that as well. It really works.

What’s your favorite dinner that your parents make for you? 

I love pasta. It doesn’t matter what kind of pasta. It can be mac and cheese or just Ramen Noodles. My sister calls Ramen Noodles college food but I don’t mind, I love them all. Whenever mommy or daddy makes anything related to pasta I’m all over it. I plan on stocking up on a lot of noodles whenever it’s time for college.

What makes you laugh more than anything? 

Being tickled. I am VERY ticklish. All you have to do is touch my sides and I would start giggling. Mommy says that I don’t smile too much but that’s because she doesn’t tickle me too often. Once I start I literally cannot stop laughing. I haven’t figured out what a joke is yet but I’m sure when I do I’ll be laughing at those too.

Who is your best friend? 

Now don’t judge me but my best friend is my pet Kitty. She has been with me from the very beginning. I got her when she was only a few weeks old and since then she has been my constant companion. I can sit on her, pull her tail, hug her really tight and she comes back for more. She sits at my window at nights while I sleep looking over me. She’s my guard cat and my best friend.

What is your favorite book? 

I have an extensive book collection. I have so many books that mommy is thinking of getting another bookcase to hold them all. I have quite a few favorites but the one that I gravitate towards the most is Good Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. It was the first book that mommy read to me, and a bedtime staple. It is the perfect bedtime story but can also be read at any time. I recommend this book for everyone!

What is something that you are afraid of? 

I have quite a few fears but I may have mentioned this before because it is so true. I am afraid of the vacuum cleaner. The sound it makes and what it does scares me. It sucks everything up in its path and I’m afraid that it will suck me up too. Whenever I misbehave my big sister or big brother sometimes get the vacuum and place it in front of me and I would run to my room or in the couch for safety. They can be really mean!

Do your parents sing to you? What is your favorite song? 

Mommy sings to me all the time but daddy is a horrible singer. Mommy even makes up silly songs but my favorite to sing with her is Old Mac Donald Had a Farm. I love making the sounds that the animal makes. It’s a great way to learn your animal sounds and it’s a really fun song too.

Name a place you’d really love to visit? 

The View From My Grandma’s House. 

Now there is not one particular place that I would love to visit but a few places. I would love to visit more of the Caribbean. I have been to a few of the islands when I was younger but the beauty of the islands is something that everyone should experience. The tranquility and sereneness is something that is not experienced here in the USA. Being within walking distance from the beaches and even seeing it from your house is something that just makes you say “awww”.

With our cold and dreary winter that we have been having, I would give anything to go to the Caribbean right now and spend some time with my grandma. Before I go let me leave you a picture of a Caribbean sunset. Enjoy!

Des Bio: Desmond Bowman is the hungriest boy in the entire world, but this fact hasn’t been recognized by “The Guinness Book of World Records” just yet. He resides in western Massachusetts with his Mama, Dada, older sister and a slew of imaginary pets. He loves running through airports with his right arm swinging in circles, pushing around a toy shopping cart, eating two waffles in under two minutes, hugging his parents, running away from everyone else while pretending he’s going in for a hug, and yelling, “Cheese please!” Favorite toys include a well-loved lovey, Lambie (and he doesn’t know she has four spares hiding in his closet), one car or truck in each hand, and bunch of balls that always get stuck under the couch. Desmond Bowman gets at least 53 hugs, kisses and “I love you’s” a day.

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