5 Free Things to Do in Colorado Springs ~ #DriveMitsubishi

There is no place more beautiful, especially in the fall, than Colorado Springs, CO. There is also quite a lot to do, and not everything needs to be paid for. If you’re a visitor to Colorado, there’s more to it than just Denver. In collaboration with Mitsubishi, I want to share with you five free things to do in Colorado in the fall.

Colorado is currently my adoptive home state. Most of my former years were spent in the Caribbean and later in New York. While growing up in the Caribbean, I not only had a view of the mountains from my front porch but was able to see the ocean as well. Talk about the best of both worlds. In New York City, while I didn’t have the mountains, the sea wasn’t too far away, and the kids and I would make it our business to go to the beach during the summer.

Fast forward to today. There aren’t any oceans in Colorado, but we do have the mountains. Colorado is currently known as one of the healthiest states. Known for outdoor adventures, including hiking, mountain biking, white river rafting, and skiing, you can always find something to do in Colorado. However, those activities aren’t always free. So what can you do for free in Colorado Springs? Here are just 5!


This museum is located on the Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado, and while you may need a valid ID card to gain entry to the base, the museum is absolutely free. If history is your thing, then you’re going to love this. Not only will you be shown a short video history of the museum, but guided tours are also available. Embrace the rich aviation history and learn how the military protect our friendly skies.


For the outdoor enthusiast, then the Garden of the Gods is the place to be. Not only can you hike the trails, but mountain biking is also available via select paths. There are over 15 different types of birds at the Garden of the Gods and bird watching is encouraged. For those who would love to climb those gorgeous red rock formations, that can also be done by filling out a free registration form, providing that you follow the rules.


There is a reason Colorado is known for their outdoor activities. There is no shortage of trails that you can hike, and North Cheyenne Cañon Park has some amazing ones. Just approximately 2 more miles up the winding road, you’ll be rewarded with the astonishing Helen Hunt Falls. While you can admire the view from the base of the fall, you can also take a hike up to the top to take in the breathtaking view of North Cheyenne Cañon.


If those trails aren’t enough for you, then how about Red Rock Canyon? Not quite as crowded as Garden of the Gods, but just as beautiful, and coincidentally running parallel to the Garden of the Gods. It’s literally a stone throw away so you can do them both in one day. It’s not only perfect for rock climbing, hiking, and cycling, but there is also a bike free ride area that is perfect for picnickers.


Ever wondered where your Olympic hopefuls train for the next Olympics? Wonder no more. The US Olympic Training Center is the flagship center for those dreaming of making it to the next Olympics. While it’s entirely free to visit the center, there are paid guided tours available for those who want to get more hands-on.


If you’re ever in the Colorado Springs area for Labor Day, then attending the Labor Day Lift Off is a must. This event encompasses the entire weekend, starting on Friday and ending on Monday. It’s a weekend of fun for the whole family. There’s live entertainment, food, drinks and dozens of hot air balloons taking flight in the sky over the course of the weekend. It’s a spectacular sight to behold and one you shouldn’t miss.

But how do you get around while in Colorado Springs? With the high elevation and the inclines? You do it all in the Mitsubishi Outlander. I was afforded the chance to test drive the 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander SE, and it was a blast!

I have a big family and what I want most in a vehicle is seating for my family of 6. The Mitsubishi Outlander has third-row seating, but looking at it you wouldn’t believe it. What’s great about it is that the seats fold flat to give you extra storage space for groceries, or even to help your kids move into their college dorm.

The 7″ touchscreen display kept me connected and safe as I was able to enable Bluetooth® with Apple CarPlay™ and also stream my own music, although my Outlander was equipped with satellite radio.

Speaking of safety, it also included lane change assist and blind spot monitoring because we know we’re not always able to see that car in our blind spot when changing lanes. Something that I wish all car manufacturers included in their vehicles. There was also a backup camera with rear cross traffic alert, this lets me know if someone is approaching while I’m backing out, and made backing out a breeze! I really LOVED that feature.

Driving was really smooth and for those worried about gas mileage, the 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander SE, while an all-wheel-drive vehicle, is also equipped with an eco-mode to help you in that area.

So if you’re in the market for a brand new SUV for the family and need that third-row seating, safety features, and a sleek look, then check out the nearest Mitsubishi dealer and the brand new 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander SE.

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