Kinderfeets Award Winning Pushbikes Review

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It’s summer and that means that the big kids are outdoors riding their bikes, playing basketball, swimming in the pools and riding their bikes. Yes I did say riding their bikes twice. Want to know why? It’s because it’s one of the things that most kids do all summer long. Bike riding is not just for summer but can be done anytime of the year. Well what happens if your little one like me don’t know how to ride? Or maybe they do know how to pedal but it’s all with training wheels. Balancing a bike is one of the most difficult things in the learning process of learning to ride a bike. That’s where Kinderfeets can help. Kinderfeets is the award winning pushbike or balance bike that can help your little one from ages 2 and up learn the fine art of balancing. Pedaling will come eventually.

I received an Orange Kinderfeet which came partially set up already in the package. As you can see from the photo there really wasn’t much to put it together. Mommy took on the job of setting it up after reading the very simple instructions. Usually mommy would need daddy to do set up my toys because she is very horrible when it comes to instructions. If my mommy can do this, then anyone can. Assembly took about 10 minutes because that needed to be done was attaching the tires, the handlebar and the front fork. All this is done with an Allen Key which is included. My Kinderfeet also included a 12pk of colored sidewalk chalk from Crayola.

Once set up my bike was absolutely amazing to look at. Weighing only 8lbs it is light for parents to lift when their little one decides that they no longer want to ride. It is actually much lighter than most single strollers. As I mentioned before the Kinderfeet Pushbike (Balance Bike) is for ages 2+ and can carry a maximum weight of 70lbs. Hopefully by the time your little one gets close to 70lbs, he/she will no longer need this and will be riding the big kids bike with no training wheels.

Now lets get into the features of the Kinderfeets Pushbike.

Rubber Tires: These tires are made of biodegradable rubber and will never need air. I like tires made of rubber and not plastic. Plastic makes it feel and look cheap and the ride isn’t as smooth. For those who prefer to have the pneumatic tires, that option is also available but trust me, you don’t need it. This bike gives a really nice smooth ride.

Removable/Washable Seat Cover. This was one of our favorite feature on my bike. As a toddler I can get pretty dirty at times. That also means that my bike gets dirty as well. Having an option to be able to remove the seat cover and throwing it in the wash makes perfect sense. It is padded as well so my tush gets to ride in comfort. It is secured very carefully by velcro that actually doesn’t move. Throughout my rides I have yet to make it move and I’m a very rough rider. 

Foot pegs for coasting. Now for those who don’t really understand how us little kids learn to ride on a balance bike let me explain it to you. At first when we first start out, we use our foot to move ourselves. We basically push ourselves forward using a walking motion. Don’t worry about us leaning to the side, that’s why we use our feet to balance ourselves. Consider our feet the training wheels and the brake.

Once we gain more confidence we are then able to ride for longer times without our feet on the ground. By then we would have also learn the art of balancing. That’s where the footpegs come in. Having somewhere to put our legs while we coast up and down the street is pretty cool if you ask me. Now that we can balance it might just be time for that big kids bike. 

Adjustable Seat: The seat can be adjusted from 13-16 inches making it easy for even the littlest one in your household able to sit and ride. Remember that their feet must be able to touch the ground with the seat in the lowest position. There are 3 different adjustable positions and mine in the picture is in the second. 

Padded Cushioned Handlebars: Since your Kinderfeets Pushbike is made of all wooden material they decided to add a foam cushioned handlebar for your protection. Your little one would be comfortable holding on the handlebars with no difficulty at all.

Kinderfeets Chalkboard Finish: Another great feature that i just love. Now I’m able to “write” on my Kinderfeets and make this uniquely mine. That’s where that chalk comes in handy. Think of this as your chalkboard canvas.

Conclusion: Now each child is different and will learn how to ride and balance at their own rate. I have been riding balance bikes for a while and so I’m pretty good at it, at least I think I am. The Kinderfeets is the perfect balance bike for those looking for an economical way to get their little one to learn how to balance. Made of wood, there are no sharp edges to poke or hurt you and we love how lightweight it was. There is also a rainbow of colors to choose from and that may be your most difficult choice. They are all beautiful!

With removable padded seat, padded handlebars and adjustable seat, Kinderfeets thought of all the little details.

Well all the little details but one although we don’t mind. We would have loved to have a nice little kickstand so that we wouldn’t damage the nice paint job whenever we rest our brand new bike on the ground. I’m not sure how that would work into a wooden balance bike but it would have been a great additional feature. Notwithstanding this is still one amazing balance bike.

As you can see there was no way that mommy was going to get a great picture of me riding my brand new Kinderfeets Bike, I was on the move and there was no stopping me. Not on my brand new Kinderfeets. She did try though and I give her a thumbs up for effort and Kinderfeets gets my TWO TINY THUMBS UP!

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