Fire Up Your Child’s Imagination with Fisher-Price’s Grill Playset

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Summer for me, just like it may for a lot of others, means BBQ’s and outdoor fun. With the 4th of July fast approaching, the grills will be fired up and there will be lots to eat and drink. While the adults are having fun on their grill so can your little one. Well not on the big grill but on their very own Fisher-Price’s Grill Playset. I enjoy looking at daddy while he is grilling there isn’t much I can do to help. Conversations around the grill usually goes like this. “No Madison, you’re too close to the grill”, “Madison you can’t stand there”, “Madison its hot over there, you need to come here and stay with me”. Well no more! Now I can do my own grill work and the only thing I now hear is “Wow, Madison that hot dog was delicious”.

I was recently sent the Fisher-Price Grill Playset.

Now what is great about this playset is that it doesn’t have to many parts to set up and set up is actually a breeze. Everything clicks into place with no tools required. Worded and picture instructions were very easy to follow and once again mommy did this in less than 10 minutes while I patiently looked on and tried to hurry her up. When it was set it looked just like it did on the package. It is also pretty lightweight so I’m able to move it around. I would say that it weighs roughly 4lbs.

It is made of durable plastic that will probably last for as long as your little one enjoys playing with the grill. The playset has a manufacturer’s suggested age of 2-5 years. While some 5 year old may enjoy playing with it I would personally say that this is perfect for the 1 – 3 year olds. The height of this is about 22 inches and I am 2 at 32″ tall. You can see from my photos that include me that this is the perfect height for me. Why do I say as early as 1 year old? There are no small parts to detach so there is no fear for choking. As long as your little one can stand and play then by all means let them do so.

Now lets get into some of the features of the Fisher-Price Grill Playset.

Realistic Looking Coal with accessories. The playset comes complete with a hot dog, hotdog bun and fish that can all be grilled on the grill top. Upon opening the cover it looks like the coal is glowing so that your little one really thinks that the food is being cooked. Now you don’t have to worry about them burning themselves but do remember  to let them know that the real thing does burn.

Realistic knob that clicks letting you know that your grill is on and ready to cook your food. I had so much fun clicking that I completely forgot that my food was on. I’m sure that they were burnt but they came out looking great.

Storage compartment with real working doors. Here is where I can store my condiments and other accessories if there are any. Located right under the grill just like the real thing.

Workable lid that covers my food and allows me to check to see when my food is done. There is also a pretend thermometer letting me know how “hot” the grill really is.

I want to share a few, and I mean a few, photos of me enjoying the Fisher-Price Grill Playset. 

It is quite alright to grill my bun. Now who doesn’t like grilled buns? Am I just the only one? My hotdog and fish fell on the floor more than once while I was grilling and mommy said that was ok. It’s the only time that its ok to take the hotdog off the floor and put it in the bun.While I can’t do that with real food it is perfectly acceptable with play food.

Now not only can I be like daddy when he is grilling but I can do it my way and have fun while doing it. While this is a fun toy it also had educational value. I learned that its not ok to actually touch a live grill while it’s hot, as a matter of fact I shouldn’t touch one at all, that is until I am old enough and only with supervision.

The Fisher-Price Grill Playset is reasonably priced at $29.99 and it’s such a fun way to fire up your child’s imagination. Great for indoor and outdoor play. Does it get my TWO TINY THUMBS UP? It sure does!

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