Teaching Your Kids about President’s Day

It’s February which means that you have a couple holidays coming up. While a lot of people only consider Valentine’s Day and think of February as Black History Month, one of these holidays is actually President’s Day. This year, help your kids understand more about our government system by teaching them about President’s Day. Here are a few ways you can do that.

Why Do We Celebrate It?

Before you can teach your kids about President’s Day, you need to understand a little more about it yourself. President’s Day was created so we could honor George Washington, the first president of our country. The holiday has evolved over time so that now all presidents are recognized for their service to our country.

Make a Collage

Because President’s Day is now celebrated to honor all presidents, both present and past, you can help teach your kids about this holiday using a collage. Print off pictures of all of our presidents and glue them on to a poster board. Your kids can also cut out pictures from magazines to show what each president is famous for. For example, your child might put an ax and a cherry tree next to George Washington, or maybe they’d put a picture of slaves or cotton next to Abraham Lincoln. Not only will this activity help your children see the faces of all of our presidents, it will also help them learn more about their accomplishments.

Write a Letter

In addition to learning about presidents past, you can help your children know more about this holiday by teaching them about our current president. Sit your children down and write a letter together, addressing it to President Obama in the White House. Your children will be able to express any questions they might have about the way our country’s government is set up.

Take a Field Trip

Most likely, your children won’t need to go to school on President’s Day. Take advantage of this day off and go on a field trip where your kids can learn more about our democratic government. This field trip could be to a local museum in order to learn more about historical events our presidents have been a part of. You could also decide to set up a trip to your state’s government building.

President’s Day is a holiday that can teach your children a lot about our country and government.

What are some ways you teach your kids about President’s Day?

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