Tips for Making Valentine’s Day Cards with your Kids

Making Valentine’s Day cards with your kids is definitely a fun activity that everyone will enjoy. No matter how young your children are, you can easily find a job for them to do to help make super cute cards to pass out. Here are some tips you can use to get all of your kids involved in making Valentine’s Day cards.

Give Them a Choice

When making Valentine’s Day cards with your kids, let them have a choice in which card they want to make and give out to their friends. You might want to go with a super cute idea you found on Pinterest, but most likely your kids will be happy with Valentine’s Day cards of their favorite characters. Talk to your kids and see what they’re interested in doing. If your kids want to make Spongebob cards, then show them a few different ways they can make these cards. Look up ideas online and let your kids pick which ones they want to make. The more involved your kids are in the planning process, the more excited they will be to help you make them.

Add Embellishments

You can get your children involved in making special cards by letting them add embellishments. This is a great way to get your kids excited about making cards since they don’t need to be super good artists to glue things on to the cards. The easiest way for your kids to add embellishments is for you to buy stamps or stickers that go along with your Valentine’s Day theme. Kids of all ages will enjoy adding these fun embellishments on the cards, making each card unique.

Give Them Small Jobs to Do

If the Valentine’s Day cards you’re making are a little more difficult, you can get your kids involved by giving them small jobs to do. Instead of having your children actually make the entire card, they can hand you the tape or help cut out the pieces. If you’re including a sweet treat in the Valentine’s Day card, you can let your children pick out the treat and attach it to the card.

Let Them Decorate the Envelopes

Another great way to get your kids involved in making Valentine’s Day cards is to let them express their personality on the envelopes. This is especially good for younger children since they can scribble to their heart’s content. After your children are finished decorating envelopes, you can use a marker to address the envelope to the correct person.

No matter how young your children are, they can help you make Valentine’s Day cards. Not only does this give them ownership of their cards, it can also save you a ton of time and work!

What are some tips you have for making Valentine’s Day cards with kids?

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