6 Hobbies to Make You Feel Young

I stare at myself in the mirror on an almost daily basis and can’t believe that less than a year from now I’ll be the big 4-0. While I like hearing others say “well you don’t look like you’re going to be 40”, I know that yes I am going to be 40 and I would love to stay as young as possible. After all, I have kids that I would love to see grow up, graduate college, get married and even maybe see a few grandkids. Ok how about just 4, 1 per child, not so sure I can deal with more than that. Well, today we share with you 6 hobbies that will make you feel young. I am definitely going to be adding a few of these to my list.

If your hair is turning grey, or your eyes are getting wiser, or the country clubs in your area keep sending you mail, it’s no reason to fret! Every year the average life expectancy is getting higher and higher, so why settle for being old when you’re probably going to live a whole ‘nother batch of the years that you’ve already lived. Here’s some activities that you should think about doing regularly to keep the blood flowing and the adventure going strong in your life.

1. Rock climbing

Rock climbing is an extremely youthful activity. It is quite literally the apotheosis of healthy exercise and taking things to new heights. Doing some rock climbing every now and then will keep your upper body in great shape, while showing that you still have the drive and tenacity to go out and conquer a mountain. You can start out doing this in a gym, but after you get the hang of it try doing some rock climbing out in the real mountains to get the most out of it. The awe of being out in nature will remind you how small and insignificant we really are.

2. Travel to new countries

Leave aside the resorts and the itineraries! The best way to travel nowadays is to throw a bag on your back and head to a country that you’ve never been to. Try to embrace the adventure of a new place. Take in a new culture and try to experience it to its fullest, while you can. Learn about their history and their beliefs, or indulge yourself in some exotic customs. Not only will this allow you to embrace the adventure of exploring a new place, but it will add to your knowledge of the world and make you a more cultured person.

3. Restoring classic cars

Let’s face it, cars in today’s world tend to look a little boring. There doesn’t seem to be the same sense of style that used to permeate the auto industry back in the day. The act of restoring classic cars is literally a way to bring something beautiful back to from the dead. And once you hear the sound of a classic engine that you’ve rebuilt roaring back to life, your blood will be pumping and you’ll feel, for lack of a better word, alive. Restoring classic cars can also be a financially viable venture.

4. Dancing

As you get older, the last thing that you should be doing for social interaction should be bingo! (Unless you are playing bingo with shots.) A much better way to go about meeting people, finding friends, and being active in your social life is to go out dancing. Not only can you better hone your skills by learning new styles of dance, but it will keep you active and engaged in a healthy lifestyle. Do it often. It’s fun.

5. Romance

To be blunt, we all need to get laid a little more often, and getting older doesn’t magically make any exception to that. Being sexually active in your old age is good for your heart and your health, but it’d be a lie to say that these are the real reasons to do so. Continuing to make love kindles a passion inside of you that you should never let die, as well as keeps the romance alive between you and your partner. Trying to find new ways to romance your significant other will bring a level of excitement to other areas of your life, as well.

6. Go to school

You know what young people do? They say stupid things. It was probably a young person who first uttered the erroneous adage “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Well, here’s your chance to take it to the fools that youth is wasted on. Go to school and learn about something you’ve always been curious about. This will keep your brain sharp and alert, and remind you that there is a whole world out there that is full of interesting stuff. Take this newfound knowledge and debate about the things you’ve learned for fun!

Let’s discuss: What ways are you keeping yourself young? 

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