It’s not a Zoo, It’s a Jungle! – Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom (part 2)

On Sunday I shared our Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom visit that we did this past summer. Since we took so many photos I had to dilute my post just a teeny weeny bit. I also wanted to save and share this must do for today for when you’re at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. If there is one thing you just have to do I would say that you have to do this. It’s also something that I would recommend using your Disney Fast Pass for as well. If you don’t want to use your Fast Pass then keep track of the wait times using the My Disney Experience app, available in the Android and Apple store. The lines for this ride can be very long as everyone wants to do it.  It’s the Kilimanjaro Safari located in the Harambe Wildlife Reserve of the park. Since I haven’t done an Almost Wordless Wednesday post in quite some time. Today it’s your treat. So let us begin.

As I mentioned, unless you use a Fast Pass there is going to be a line, but it is so worth it once you get on your ride. The tour guides are very knowledgeable and give you a play by play of every animal that you can see while on the wildlife reserve. There is so much to see so make sure to have your camera handy. If possible hand your camera off to your partner/friend/child on the other side since the animals can be seen on both sides of the vehicle.

The following photos are some of the wildlife and the natural vegetation that we were able to see. A few of them were sleeping so while we weren’t able to see them all it was fun watching the ones we did see.

 The upside down tree was definitely a sight to behold. Native to Africa it’s branches looks like roots which is why it’s called an upside down tree.

And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, we saw the giraffes. Up close and very personal. There was even a baby in the mix.

And then we got to see even more animals. A few that aren’t in my local zoo.

So while a lot of people think of Animal Kingdom as a zoo and not having much to do in terms of rides etc, we love Disney World’s Animal Kingdom because it’s such a learning experience. The tour guides do give a well informed tour, much different from visiting a zoo and it’s as close to an African Safari tour as we’re going to get. Always remember, it’s not a Zoo, it’s a Jungle!

Let’s discuss: What are you most excited to see on your Kilimanjaro Safari Tour if you ever make it to Disney World’s Animal Kingdom? 

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