Be Stylish and Practical on Your Travels with These Fashion Tips

Traveling is an amazing experience, as you get to visit so many different places and cultures in one big, long adventure.

However, with so many hours on the road and the possibility of doing plenty of traveling on foot, you may feel as though you need to abandon fashion and focus purely on the sensibleness of your outfit.

This doesn’t necessarily have to be true, so don’t ditch your fashion sense just yet. Read on to find out how you can look your best while remaining practical on your travels. No matter where you’re going or what you’re doing, we have handy tips that will give you the chance to show off your sense of style and have fun.

Accessories Can Be Practical Too

When you’re traveling, it’s vitally important that you remember to pack a good-sized, quality bag with you to carry all of your essential belongings. While backpacks are the usual traveler’s first choice, they can be very unsafe as they are easily accessible to thieves. This means that handbags are actually the better option, as they can be kept close to your side. If you want a sense of security while staying high fashion, try investing in a beautiful but also practical Fendi bag. Fendi is one of the most popular bag designers on the market right now and has a range of shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from if you want to browse their catalog.

Use Layers to be Stylish and Comfortable

During your travels, you might find yourself in need of extra clothing or becoming too warm and needing to shed some layers. This is why choosing layerable clothing, such as cardigans, light jackets, and scarves, is the perfect solution. You’ll be able to add extra layers as you need them and then remove them when they’re no longer required. Extra layers will make you comfortable and leave you feeling free to move around, but they will also keep you warm and snug when you want to be. If you choose thin layers, then they won’t take up too much space in your bag, meaning you’ve got more room for souvenirs and snacks. This technique is particularly useful if you’re traveling to several different destinations, as you won’t have to pack loads of clothes for all different types of climates.

Don’t Forget a Jacket

There is one thing that you can never fully predict on your travels, and that’s bad weather. If you have traveled for miles, you won’t want to spend your entire day stuck in your hotel when the weather is terrible, so it’s vital that you adequately prepare for all weather situations with a practical, waterproof, lightweight jacket. While practicality is the focus here, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be stylish too. There are plenty of large brands like Superdry and even Gucci that have an extensive collection of waterproof, lightweight jackets that will keep you protected, warm, and, most of all, looking Instagram-ready.

Make Your Cosmetics Do Double Duty

Cosmetics, makeup, and hair care products can all take up a lot of space in your bag. You may also be limited in the amount of liquid you take, particularly if you’re trying to travel light and only take hand luggage. To reduce the number of cosmetic products you take on your travels, find products that will fulfill more than one purpose. For example, baby powder can be used to set your makeup, as a dry shampoo, and to reduce the oil on your skin. You can also choose makeup products, like tinted lip balm, that can be applied to your lips and cheeks. This will limit the number of products you have to carry with you while also allowing you to look well-groomed at the same time.

Find a Style You Like and Stick To It

As you have limited space in your suitcase, it’s important that you use it strategically, and that means making sure that you’ll wear and enjoy every garment that you take with you. A great way to ensure that you’re able to style every item of clothing you take on your trip is to buy several of the same garments in different colors. This is a great way to coordinate your clothing and will save you time planning your outfits while still allowing you to look good and feel even better. This tactic works well for items such as t-shirts and blouses, as you can change up the rest of your outfit easily while keeping it chic with the same fitted top. You’ll still look different in every picture you take, but you won’t have to worry about wasting precious space on clothes you don’t wear.

Prepare for Lots of Walking

The most important item to remember to pack for your travels is sensible and comfortable footwear. Wearing the wrong kind of shoe can result in blisters or even injury if you’re trying to walk long distances or uneven surfaces in your best pair of stilettos. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going on an adventure vacation and will be hiking up mountains or whether you simply want to explore a city and shop until you drop—if your feet are hurting, the experience will be far less enjoyable. Sneakers never used to be fashionable, but with the influence of athleisure, the newest fashion trend, huge brands like Balenciaga, Prada, and Gucci are all producing their own beautiful, high-comfort range of sneakers for practical yet high-fashion wear, so make sure that you invest in a pair!

Just because you want to be as comfortable and practical on your travels as possible doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice your need for fashion. There are plenty of big brands that are realizing that comfort is just as important as Instagram likes, so make sure that you perfectly balance both practicality and fashion on your next big adventure.

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