Top 5 Ways to Keep the Love Alive In Your Relationship

The time has arrived; you have fallen in love and then out of love. It’s not that you don’t love your partner anymore; it is just that spark has diminished and you desire to find ways to ignite even the tiniest of spark to hang onto this relationship. The key to this is to never give up on putting effort forth in your relationship, but even the best of us have times that we don’t have the strength and our relationship suffers. Today we want to help you keep the love alive in your relationship with these fabulous tips to show love and ignite the spark between you two again!


It is said that you should commit to spend the rest of your life with someone who can make you laugh. We are talking full belly laughing that makes your stomach hurt. There probably was a time when you made your partner laugh often, but as life happened the jokes stopped. Every human being is guilty of letting life get in the way of their ability to make others laugh. Make it a mission to find that laughter again. Take a full night off from everything and just sit back and chit chat like in the beginning of days and enjoy a good laugh.


Sure we listen to each other all day long, that everlasting rambling of a story we have heard a hundred times. It may get old hearing the same story over and over again, but stop letting it get to you. Remember to listen fully no matter how many times your partner is telling you a story. Let go of the negative feelings and focus on the fact that your partner is actually talking to you. Many relationships stop practicing good listening skills as they get too comfortable with each other as time goes on. Today we invite you to start listening better, regardless of the topic.


There is nothing wrong with continually flirting with your partner. As years go on, the flirting stops because it was used as a means to gain the attention of your loved one. Think about all of that time spent flirting and being charming with one mission in mind, to get that person to commit to you. Relationship can ignite the spark again or keep it going if they continuously flirt with each other. That bond happened due to the initial flirting stage, take time to give your partner a little wink, tap on the bum or say something completely charming to make them swoon all over again.


As time goes on and the relationship has become more habit forming, let’s face it one partner does the dishes and cooks dinner more often than the other. One partner may always take the trash out or sweep the floors and dust the house. These actions have become something that is just expected and no longer appreciated as time goes on. The key to appreciating your partner and make it ignite a spark is to do it on a whim versus a routine. Stop letting the daily tasks become mundane and routine, take time to express your appreciation for these everyday tasks. Write a thank you note or even surprise him or her with a bouquet of flowers. You’d be surprised at how exciting that will be.

Physical Attention

This is very similar to flirting, in the beginning you both were highly attracted to each other physically because of all that flirting. It makes sense the physical attention subsides once you are committed to years of life together, but it isn’t okay to let the physical attention stop. As human beings we need that connection both emotionally and physically with our partner. When physical attention goes on the back burner, the relationship slowly fades. Take time to sneak in a hug or a kiss throughout the day, one great way to do this is to just walk up and give them a big ole kiss on the forehead or cheek.

While there are certainly more ways that you can keep love alive in your relationship, these that we have highlighted should be paid attention to. After all, you want long lasting relationship built on love, trust and commitment, but you need to work on it, it just doesn’t happen overnight. Take time to focus on your relationship so you can get the relationship that you were meant to have.

Let’s discuss: What other ways can you think of to keep love alive in your own relationship?

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