May The Force Be With You – Star Wars by Stride Rite

The Star Wars frenzy has begun and most people will be going to the movie theaters to see the movie. While I have seen all the movies, I am really interested in seeing this new one. Now if anyone wants to get me anything for Christmas, here’s a hint, I would love to have the entire collection. For those who love collecting everything Star Wars, from the memorabilia to the clothing, well Stride Rite has you covered for not only kids but adults too. Introducing the Star Wars collection by Stride Ride.

If you’re one of those parents who said “my kids would never wear character shoes”, trust me I’ve been there. I was one of those parents, but that has changed in the past year ever since my daughter found out that not only can she see the movie, but she can also get the clothing and the shoes too. Believe it or not Madison was the one who picked out her very own Star Wars shoe. She has her own taste, but she has pretty good taste too. At least for a 3 year old. With the Star Wars craze how could she go wrong?

The Star Wars Force Speed sneakers by Stride Rite that Madison chose are light weight, just like I prefer her shoes to be. They are made of leather and textile and clean up pretty easily. I love shoes that give flexibility and aren’t stiff and these are perfect. The soles provide good traction so I’m also not worried about her running and jumping in them which is what she just loves to do. She also loved the fact that they light up with every step she took. We also loved the Star Wars fight scene going on on the toe of the shoe. As with 90% of her shoes these don’t involve laces. Madison still has no idea how to tie them so I like getting her shoes that nurtures her independence. They are easy to go on and off and includes a velcro closure to secure them together.

So if you’re looking for something for the kids to celebrate with Star Wars then I suggest getting a pair of Star Wars sneakers from Stride Rite. Perfect for play and every day wear. So “May the Force Be With You”!

Let’s discuss: Are you planning on seeing the new Star Wars movie? 

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