Pregnancy Don’ts

If you are pregnant for the first time, or planning to get pregnant soon, you might be a little nervous. You don’t know what to expect and you want to know as much as you can before you accidentally do something you’re not supposed to do.  Read on for the top pregnancy don’ts so that you can keep you and your baby safe during your pregnancy.

Don’t Go Hot Tubbing

A pregnant woman should not climb into a hot tub to relax after a long day.   When you are pregnant, you are more likely to become overheated, dehydrated or get dizzy.  The extreme temperatures of the hot tub are not safe for you and your baby, and can deplete you of necessary oxygen.  If you really want to kick back and relax, it is much better to take a warm bath, and keep as much of your upper body out of the water as possible.

Don’t Avoid the Dentist

There are many myths that visiting the dentist while pregnant can cause complications, but in fact, NOT visiting the dentist can cause problems.  During pregnancy, you have an increased risk of tooth decay (especially after the first trimester), pregnancy gingivitis, pregnancy tumors, and more.  It is important to visit the dentist to keep a close eye on your oral health.  For tips and tricks on how to take care of your teeth during pregnancy, check out this blog.

Don’t Participate in High Risk Activities

“High Risk” activities are slightly dangerous most of the time, but increasingly so during pregnancy.  High risk activities include (but are not limited to): skateboarding, surfing, riding roller coasters, doing martial arts, etc.  While you don’t need to sit on the couch for your entire pregnancy, it is important to take it easy and be careful.

Don’t Do Drugs or Alcohol

Of course you shouldn’t do drugs or drink alcohol while pregnant, as they can cause birth defects and other complications.  Unfortunately, nearly 4% of pregnant women in the US use illicit drugs during pregnancy, meaning that 176,200 babies are exposed to drugs before they are even born.  For more information about the effects of drug abuse and pregnancy, click here.

Don’t Take Medicine Without Consulting Your Doctor

It’s not just illicit drugs that are dangerous during pregnancy, many over-the-counter drugs are bad for your baby as well.  Drugs to avoid include: Aspirin, Pepto Bismol, Excedrin, Alev, and more.Many pregnant women turn to essential oils instead, but not all of those are safe either.  Always consult your doctor before you take any medication.

Don’t Forget to Drink Water

It is VERY important to stay hydrated during your pregnancy, and to avoid soda, caffeine, and energy drinks.  Water is necessary to help your body absorb nutrients and transport it to your baby, and if you don’t get enough, your child may not get the nutrients they need.  You should be drinking at least 100 oz of water a day, or about 12 or 13 glasses.  Try to spread it out throughout the day so that you don’t drink too much all at once.

Don’t Start an Intense Exercise Routine

If you already run, dance, do yoga, etc., then it is perfectly fine, and in fact encouraged to continue your exercise well into your pregnancy.  Exercising can make pregnancy easier and shorten labor time.  If you don’t exercise, now is a good idea to start.  However, it is not a good idea to start an intense exercise routine halfway through your pregnancy.   It is important to be careful when exercising, and consult your doctor before you begin a new routine.  Water exercises, going on walks, and other gentle exercises are great for an expecting mother.

Don’t Eat Raw Fish

Eating raw fish increases the risk of salmonella, as well as getting worms that can make you very, very sick.  Raw shellfish, such as crab and shrimp, can contain viruses and bacteria that can cause food poisoning.  Double check with restaurants that the fish you are eating is cooked, or has been frozen for at least four days, and never eat raw shellfish.

Don’t Lie Flat On Your Back

During the first few months of your pregnancy, you are fine to sleep whatever way is most comfortable, but about halfway through your pregnancy, you should stop sleeping on your back.  Your growing uterus can compress the veins that run to your legs, decreasing blood flow, and potentially causing dizziness or shortness of breath.  Since it can become impossible to sleep on your stomach, try sleeping on your side.  If that is uncomfortable, use a large pillow to support your growing belly, and one between your legs to help support your body.

We all want to have a safe and healthy pregnancy and these pregnancy don’ts can help you on your way.

Let’s discuss: What other pregnancy don’ts can you think of? 

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