Explore America with Your Family Via Train

While no single mode of transportation is perfect, train travel comes close. Trains are downright comfortable, convenient, and fun, especially when you are traveling with your kids. Besides, there is some magic in trains that soothes and calms down children in a way you will never experience in buses or flights. Even when your children are all grown up, rail travel is still the best way to get together and bond over fun chats and hearty laughter as you enjoy the passing landscapes. In addition, most trains have incredible café facilities, family tables, and extra space that allows you to stretch, get comfortable, and walk around. Besides, luggage restrictions are not a problem when traveling by train, making it a favorite option.

Explore America Via Train

Breathtaking Sceneries to Behold

A train trip across the United States has much to offer. Take a three-hour trip across Napa Valley and enjoy the beautiful views of the wine country, which is on the North-Eastern side of the Bay Area. The Napa Valley Wine Train will offer you a smooth, comfortable, and serene drive for the ultimate experience.

Join other visitors from across the world as they enjoy the incredible West Coast train trip. This is one of the long-distance routes and will take you at least 36 hours to cross from Portland to Los Angeles. Enjoy the breathtaking sceneries along the way, such as gorgeous snowy Cascade Mountains, lush forests, waterfalls, and Puget Sound.

Hop into Amtrak’s Pacific Surf Liner, whose journey starts from San Diego heading north. You can stop in between the travel in such quaint towns as Ventura, San Juan Capistrano, and Carpentaria. Don’t forget to tour Santa Barbara or get to San Luis Obispo before getting back.

Travel along the Grand Canyon Railway and see the gorgeous pine forests, sprawling prairies, and in case you are lucky, some wild horses.You will also see some cowboys and bandits strolling along the tracks.

Family Fun Riding On the Rails

Like you, your kids will get bored after long hours of sitting on the train. So get off your seat and take them for a walk around the train to help them stretch and relax. Sometimes, you might also want to stand with them at the door and enjoy the beautiful views and magnificent landscapes along the journey together.

Your children will ultimately get tired of board games. It is therefore crucial that you have other gaming options in mind to keep them happy and entertained. Bring along some play-dohs to challenge your children’s creativity and keep them occupied for longer. Have some of them colored to help your children create new and unique figurines. Allow them to explore their creativity and make as many models as they can.

Cards, monopoly, chess, and scrabble can go a long way in keeping everyone busy and entertained. Younger kids can enjoy some simple children’s puzzles or the famous I-spy. This is a great time to get to let loose, have some fun, connect and bond with your kids in a more profound way. For you, your teenager, and older kids, a reliable Wi-Fi connection (which is available in most trains in America) and warm conversations will keep you active and entertained.

Environmental Sustainable Transport Option

Compared to planes and buses, trains produce 66-75 percent less carbon making them one of the most environmentally friendly transportation means. When it comes to rail transport, greenhouse gas emissions are about 5 percent less than what is emitted in road transport. Besides, to carry 1000 people, you will need one train. However, you might need 15 buses and over 250 cars to transport the same number of people making rail an efficient transportation option for people looking to tour America. Trains are also silent, cheaper, safer, and eliminate traffic problems getting you to your destination quickly, timely, and conveniently.

Book Your Tickets with Omio

Wherever you are planning to travel across the United States, Omio is your go-to company for train bookings. With the numerous bus and train companies operating in America, making the best choice can be challenging. Once you key in your travel information on the website, Omio will take you through the available train options, station locations, and ticket prices. It will also advise on the cheapest booking time and travel routes which will be more helpful if you are traveling on a budget. Switch on your Omio app notifications to stay updated in case of new offers, discount price alerts, and stay on the lookout until your ultimate day of travel. Once you are finally booked, Omio will send the ticket to you via your mobile phone.

Omio is well connected with major train companies in America, making it a safe and trustworthy company to book with. You can therefore anticipate excellent customer service and experience, guaranteeing you a smooth and hassle-free travel experience. What’s better, their customer service is in 12 languages and always available once you contact them.

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