How To Avoid Getting Hungry While On The Road: Follow These Tips

Travelling can be tiresome. Of course, it used to be a lot more tiresome than today, but even in the 21st century, it takes a lot of energy and time to go somewhere. Preparing luggage, deciding what to pack, actually traveling in a cramped space for a long time, waiting on borders… All of this makes us, if not exhausted, then at least very hungry. 

Some people will avoid eating on the road entirely, maybe they get too bloated, maybe they think it’s messy. But for most of us, being hungry while traveling is unacceptable and we plan on having at least something to nibble on, if not even having a full three-course meal. But considering how there are many types of traveling, and many ways of preparing food – the choice of what to do isn’t so clear at first so you maybe want to check out these tips first. 

How To Avoid Getting Hungry While On The Road

Prepare a Day Earlier

The journey starts not when you get into a vehicle on the road, but a day before, when you start packing for it. Those who are anxious to go may even begin packing a week earlier, but what you will be definitely doing just before the trip is preparing the food you will be eating. 

Everything you prepare should be something that is easily packed and is best stored cool the night before. Sandwiches are a worldwide favorite, though don’t forget that there are other types of food as well. Having a picnic cooler is great for these sorts of things, as it is easy to carry around and holds a low temperature for hours, or even days, provided you have prepared enough ice. 

Delicious and Nutritious

To really take advantage of your time on the road you should consider that preparing food along the way may be a good option for you. You can click here to see how a small, yet powerful, blender creates smoothies even on the go. If you bring fresh fruit with you in the car, or just in a bag, making a healthy mixed drink along the way, without the fuss of having to chop and squeeze them, is absolutely great.

Smoothies in general are very nutritious and can be very tasty if prepared in the right ratio. Of course, one would have to have made them earlier to know what they like most, though after that it’s easy to copy it and have it ready wherever and whenever. 

Plan Your Stops 

The same as a formula 1 driver needs a pit stop to refuel and quickly get on with it, so do normal drivers also. But instead of a few seconds and a rush to get it over with, you sometimes need a longer break to stretch your legs, enjoy a view and have something to eat. Restaurants and coffee joints along the way are the perfect place for such a need. 

In Australia, there are a very large number of places to eat out, many of which are located on roads. Wherever you’re going, be it within an urban area driving a delivery vehicle, or going out into the mainland, you can count on making stops at least to refuel at gas pumps. And gas pumps, if nothing else, will have a small selection of sandwiches also. 

How To Avoid Getting Hungry While On The Road

A Snack for Everybody

If you don’t plan on making any stops, you will certainly want to have some snacks with you to eat whenever you feel “snackish”. Sour, sweet, or salty, they tend to be unhealthy, but very tasty and are very popular with kids. 

A delicious snack you may want to look into and get a packet of before a long voyage, are biltongs. This form of dried meat originates from South Africa and is becoming very, very popular as a carry-on snack on the go. It’s full of proteins and takes a lot of time to chew – a feature that makes you appreciate it more and makes you less hungry overall. 

Eating While Flying

A whole different story from cars and busses are airplanes. The main difference is, of course, in the airport and all the possible security gates you have to pass before embarking on a plane. Discarding all liquids is the least of your worries, you are faced with overpriced restaurants once you cross the gate, and food on airplanes is often nothing to write home about.

Concerning liquids, one option is to carry a small, empty water bottle with you, and fill it up in a sink once you’re past security. And on the topic of avoiding hunger – small packs of food are your friend here. As you don’t want excess weight with you, making small, but very calorific food is a must – things like cured meat, nuts, and energy bars are what you want in your backpack.

If Going Into The Wild

The most extreme case of traveling is going by foot, or bicycle, through the wilderness. National parks, the great outdoors, offer many breathtaking scenes, but also pose a challenge on what to eat while there. When out camping, you will need basic cooking utensils with you, and also some bushcraft knowledge. 

When picking mushrooms you must be very careful to differentiate poisonous from edible ones, as one mistake can prove deadly. So if you are not sure about their nature – best avoid them entirely. The same goes for the many types of berries, insects, and water sources you may encounter. 

If, however, you know your way around those parts, or maybe have someone who is very experienced as your companion – you will not have any problem at all to make a feast every day. Staying hungry while out in nature can only be due to either being uneducated or the surroundings being completely barren.  

How To Avoid Getting Hungry While On The Road

Unless you have been forced to travel, and haven’t had time to prepare – there is really no excuse for being hungry while on the road. With so many roadside burger joints, gas station snacks, but also small, easy-to-carry kitchen appliances, finding or preparing food while on the move has never been easier. Just make sure not to make a mess of the vehicle and enjoy!

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