Simple And Delicious Sandwiches That You Can Easily Make When You Are Hungry

Sometimes our schedules demand a lot of time and energy from us, and we barely have time to think about grabbing a snack before our stomachs start to growl. Preparing a full meal sounds exhausting, and sometimes we want to save our pocket change from ordering delivery. The best solution in this situation is to grab some good bread, add some ingredients and have a delicious sandwich no matter where you are. No one can deny how versatile and easy it is to make a sandwich, and in our following guide, we want to share some simple and delicious sandwiches that you can easily make when you are hungry.

Simple Delicious Sandwiches You Can Make

Grilled Cheese

You cannot deny the nostalgic feeling a delicious ham and cheese sandwich can provide for a few minutes during a busy day. The secret to an outstanding grilled cheese is to prioritize cheeses that melt easily on the pan. Younger, fresher cheese tends to be softer to the touch, and it’s perfect for sandwiches, regardless if you serve them hot or cold. If you don’t think this will be a healthy choice for a quick snack, you can upgrade your bread choice to something that includes whole grains and low sodium. However, we cannot blame you if white bread is your default choice, especially since this classic recipe only demands American cheese, white bread, and salty butter. Heat the skillet, and you’re ready to prepare your grilled cheese!

Hot Dogs

We need to address an eternal debate here. Hotdogs are a snack commonly loved by kids and even if they are consumed by adults, can we consider the hotdog a type of sandwich? According to foodies at, the U.S. Department of Agriculture consider the hot dog a sandwich-like food, and it is even taxed differently in several states, thanks to this definition. However, when it’s time to decide what you should eat in a hurry, you cannot deny the appeal of some hot buns and high-quality sausages with some ketchup and mustard or any topping you wish. For vegetarians or vegans, companies have refined their plant-based protein alternatives to include sausages into their catalog, so feel free to experiment with the flavors.

BLT Sandwich

Everyone can agree that some bacon, lettuce, and tomato are a match made in heaven. Straight to the point with delicious, fresh ingredients, the BLT sandwich is so easy to prepare if you only have a few minutes to spare for cooking. The best part is that you can modify it to fit your vegetarian needs. The BLT sandwich can also work as the base for your creativity, taking away the crisp bacon for obvious reasons. Relying upon the classic lettuce and tomato for your sandwich will always be a hit, and you can combine it with avocado for healthy fats. Add some delicious homemade hummus or spread some mayonnaise to add that delightful extra flavor to your lunch or dinner. The upgrades you can come up with for this sandwich are almost endless!

Egg Sandwich

If you’re sick of consuming any meat and you want a lighter option, an egg sandwich can be the perfect choice to satiate your hunger. Whether you prefer them fried, scrambled, or poached, adding a bit of salt and pepper alongside any vegetable of choice will make the perfect sandwich to start the day or have a quick dinner. There is a type of egg sandwich extremely popular in Korea we suggest you try preparing at home, which includes cabbage, carrots, and onions with a hint of brown sugar and ketchup for a touch of sweet seasoning. Here there are no wrong options since your preference, culinary skills, and time available in the kitchen are the only things that will determine your final creation.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

This option shows great acceptance, doesn’t require much skill to cook properly, and it’s a delightful experience to taste. You can add some honey mustard to the chicken and toast the buns in the same skillet you used to grill the chicken to soak in the flavors. Any vegetable you have available in your fridge can accompany this sandwich with no problem, so if you feel like adding sprouts, lettuce, hot peppers, or even olives to layer different textures, let your imagination go wild.

Simple Delicious Sandwiches You Can Make

A simple sandwich offers so much potential to house different flavors and textures without mentioning other additions like spices, sauces, and spreads you can add to your liking. When hunger strikes and you don’t have much time to prepare a full meal, know that you can always rely on some good bread and fresh ingredients to fill your stomach with a portion of tasty, healthy food.

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