Choosing Skincare Products and Ingredients That Are Right for You

In a sea of cosmetic products, you might wonder how to choose the right brand and ingredients to support healthy, glowing skin. Some companies might focus on natural ingredients, while others stick to the industry standards. Some products may be targeted at teenage skin, while others may be focused on dry skin. In any case, you need to choose your skincare products and ingredients carefully to avoid wasting your money on products that do nothing for your unique skin. Here are three things to keep in mind as you embark on your skincare regimen strategy and product search.

Choosing Skincare Products
  1. Know Your Skin Type 

Knowing your skin type is the first and most essential step in choosing the right skincare products. You don’t want to buy products that feature ingredients best used on dry skin if yours skews oily. Not sure what skin type you have? After a shower, pat your skin dry and pay attention to it. If in a few hours it’s shiny, you likely have oily skin. If it’s cracking or itchy, you likely have dry skin. If you spot patches of dry and oily skin, you likely have combination skin.

  1. Search for Customer Reviews and Scientific Studies 

Most customers look at reviews before purchasing products. That’s a wise approach to consumerism in today’s chaotic global marketplace. It’s important to find out what other people are saying about beauty products that interest you, especially if those people share your skin type. Search for feedback regarding how their skin responds to a specific serum for dry skin, for example. This may help you eliminate products or at least narrow down the number of ones you’d like to try. 

You can even take your cosmetic due diligence a step further and search for studies on ingredients in your products. For example, if you want to remove wrinkles, retinol is a widely used ingredient. Fortunately, studies show that it also helps boost collagen and fights free radicals by speeding up the skin’s natural exfoliating process.

  1. Personalize Your Skincare Regimen

If you’re searching for the right skincare regimen, it’s important to combine your knowledge of your own skincare with what you’ve learned from customer reviews and scientific studies. Do you have dry skin that needs some TLC? According to an eight-day U.S. clinical and consumer study, 100% of participants had an increase in skin moisture retention after one week of using the Active Hydration Serum from Rodan + Fields. Made with hyaluronic acid, this serum can help you boost your thirsty skin’s natural hydration by 200%. Consider adding a high-quality component product such as this to your regular regimen, and then slowly build on it to create a new routine that keeps your skin hydrated, soft, and supple. 

Enjoy Soft and Hydrated Skin With These Tips 

Hopefully, you now feel ready to start shopping for your ideal skincare products and ingredients. Knowing your skin type, understanding what others you can trust are saying about the products, and taking a personal approach to your skin’s hydration, you’ll feel more confident in choosing what’s best for your skin.

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