High-Paying Careers Your Teen Should Know About

As your teenager starts thinking about their future, college is probably number one on their mind. For most teens, they know exactly what they want to study and what kind of job they want to have. For others, they are still trying to figure out what fits best. Not everyone wants to be a doctor or a lawyer, and as a parent, it is your job to guide your child on their journey and help them make the best choices they can for their adulthood. Here is a list of careers to mention to your teen if they are still trying to figure out their professional direction. 

High-Paying Careers


There is a lot to be said for being an educator. Teachers are on the frontline of changing the world. Through education, teachers are able to help children realize their full potential and have the skills necessary to have a full life. There are perks to being a teacher as well, not only do you get summers off, weekends, and holidays, but with continuing education, you can grow your salary to a high number in no time. 


Working with money makes money, and accounting can be a high-paying job. Most accountants start out with a moderate salary, but by getting a master’s degree in accounting or earning your CPA, you can easily make over six figures per year helping others with their finances. If your teen loves math and is good with numbers, this could be a viable career choice for them that will yield a great lifestyle. 

Mechanical Engineer 

Mechanical engineering is a field that is expected to grow within the next ten years. Mechanical engineers fix and develop a variety of devices, and they can do it all while working in an office. Graduating with a four-year degree in this field will give your child a starting salary of around $90,000 per year. If they love to tinker and create, this could be the best possible career for them to explore. 


A degree in architecture can give your teen a wide variety of careers to choose from. Whether it’s a landscape, skyscrapers, or restoration, architects make just over $75,000 per year. If you have a teen that loves to draw, design, and create, this is a great profession for them to consider. 


Working in the medical field always provides room for growth, improvement, and advancement. Nurses can focus on a number of things. As a nurse, you can work with patients, or you can educate or work in administration. Also, getting a master’s in nursing will help grow your salary exponentially, and it can be earned online. CCNE accredited online MSN programs are easy to find, and after nursing school, your child can easily get to work on their continuing education. Nursing provides job security and a high-paying salary. 

Salaries of nurses depend on the specialization, responsibilities, professional background, and level of education. For example duties of critical care nurses include taking care of critically ill patients, which makes the job more stressful. Besides, to get a job in this position, you will need an advanced level of education. Accordingly, critical care nurses get paid higher than many others, like licensed practical nurses, as the educational requirements for this position are less.


One of the highest-paying medical professions is being an anesthesiologist. Anesthesiologists go through rigorous medical training, medical school, and anesthesia residency, but anesthesiologists also have a starting salary of around $200,000 per year. There is also the option of being an anesthesiologist assistant, which requires less schooling but also yields a yearly salary of about $150,000 per year. 

Financial Manager

If your teen loves to be organized, is good with numbers, and is interested in the world of finance, then a career in financial management may just be the right fit for them. Right out of college, a professional with a bachelor’s of science degree in finance can get a job as a financial manager with a starting salary of about $125,000 per year. If your child’s personality matches the type of work ethic and skill set a financial manager needs to have in order to be successful then they will not have any problems having a lucrative career in finance. Starting with six figures only means your child’s salary will only increase to huge heights over the course of their career. 

There are many options out there for your teen when it comes to finding a successful career that matches their skills, talents, and desires. If you are not well-versed in career hunting, have your teen reach out to their school guidance counselor or have them visit career fairs at their school or at a university they are looking to attend. With so many options and new careers popping up all the time, the perfect future for your teen is closer than you think.

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