3 Things Every Couple Must Discuss Before Marriage

Too many people jump right into marriage because they are high on love and that euphoric feeling that comes with falling in love. What few realize is that the euphoric feeling wears off and time will soon become mundane. Life will become very routine driven and the demands placed upon you as the marriage grows will too grow. If you really want to ensure that your marriage will be everlasting, then read on to learn the 5 things every couple must discuss before marriage.

Money and Careers

Probably one of the most important discussions to have with your future spouse is the one that involves money and careers. Let’s say you plan to have children or plan to reach certain career goals, it’s important to discuss both of your dreams, desires and beliefs in how money and careers are handled within a marriage. If your partner is someone who firmly believes the wife stays home with the kids, cooks and cleans but you are the sort of woman who wants to pursue a career outside of the home; well then this is something that needs to be addressed before your wedding vows solidify you as a couple.

Religion, Values and Morals

While most would hope that the discussion of your religious beliefs, values and morals have been discussed prior to you even accepting an engagement, there are people who literally fly into marriage at a drive thru chapel in Las Vegas before even thinking about the long term. If you are someone who places importance upon knowing that you both are aligned morally prior to marriage, then it’s important to discuss these topics. While you both can certainly create a long lasting marriage with different beliefs, if you are on one spectrum and your spouse is on the opposite end; well then maybe marriage isn’t something in the cards for you two. Be certain that you both have a common ground when it comes to religious belief, morals and values in life.

How the Household will Work

We get it, all of these discussions will seem to take a bit away from the romantic side of getting married, but rest assured you will find everlasting love in your marriage if you discuss each of these topics beforehand. Learning how each of you wishes to have the household work is important when it comes to marriage. After you marry your spouse, the two of you are united as one. Discuss your beliefs in how discipline with future kids, having pets and how clean the home must be beforehand to ensure you both can meet the needs of the other in how the household will work.

Remember Marriage Takes Work

Regardless of whether or not you both are on the same page with each of these topics, marriage will take a lot of work. Human being beings are individuals with their own beliefs, their own emotions and desires. Your marriage will have a lot of bumps along the path of growing together, it’s completely natural. Placing a high importance value on the 3 things to discuss before marriage listed above will assist in ensuring your marriage has a shot to last long term.

Let’s discuss: What else can you think of to discuss before marriage? 

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