Simple Ways to Make Your Marriage Last

The most memorable day of your life has come and gone, that day you said “I do” to the love of your life, the person with whom you had envisioned the rest of your life with. Getting married is probably one of the most uplifting and heartfelt days of your life. Then life happens. You get married, buy a house, get a career and have children. It’s no wonder so many marriages start to feel like a disgruntled employer and employee relationship. Many times a marriage consists of at least one working spouse and one spouse that predominantly tends to the children and household duties. While this works well for some, it may not work well for everyone. There are some simple ways to make your marriage last, and they won’t take a lot of effort either:

Learn to Love Without Conditions

Think about your spouse as you would your children, seriously. You will forever love your children unconditionally regardless of how ill behaved, bad manner or out of control they can be. When you learn to love without conditions within the household, for both your children and your spouse, then you are on to something. Marriage takes two people who will promise and follow through with the act to love without conditions. Today you must start to view your spouse as you would your children and no we don’t mean this in a degrading way, we mean from a heartfelt way.

Keep Private Matters, Private

With the days of us all posting our most intimate moments on social media it’s no wonder a marriage no longer has privacy. It’s these moments of intimate relations that need to be kept private; it allows you two as a couple to ensure you maintain a close bond. When you start to showcase your intimate moments on a whim to the online world, you are opening your marriage up to scrutiny. This is not something you want in your bed with you. While you can brag and showcase the love you have for each other online, try to keep some matters private so that you have something just the two of you hold dear.

Do Not Argue About Finances

Prior to even getting married you both should have a huge discussion about how you will handle bills and household finances. While we understand many of us aren’t that proactive about our marriage, we are in love and just want to be tied in Holy matrimony to our loved one. With that being said, it is super important to maintain an agreement about how finances will be handled. You can do this after marriage, but remember to consider each of your own needs as well as the needs of the household. Learning to be okay with your partner making a small purchase because they worked hard and earned it is something you both will have to agree upon. Never argue, point fingers or scream about finances, it’s something you can make more of tomorrow.

Come to a Middle Ground

Regardless of your differences in opinions, beliefs and thoughts on how the marriage should work, each of you should be able to find some middle ground to come to. When you are in a marriage it is no longer just about you, this person you swore to love ‘til death do you part, is an important piece of your world now. Start treating your marriage as if there is no other option but to figure out a way to negotiate, compromise and unconditionally love this person for the rest of your life.

Let’s discuss: What other ways can you think of to make a marriage last. 

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