5 Ways to Fall In Love with Your Spouse All Over Again

As you may be aware it’s completely normal for a marriage to fall out of that honeymoon phase and return into this regular life of living the motions. With raising kids, holding careers, and paying bills it’s no wonder the spark diminishes a little. This is completely normal and it doesn’t have to be the end of your marriage, here are 5 ways to fall in love with your spouse all over again as a means to push forward living life together …

Engage in Meaningful Conversations

There’s nothing that puts that spark out between you like discussing the household chores, responsibilities of life, and children. Learn to set aside time each day where you both discuss dreams, desires, and goals that you have as individuals and a couple. Putting a priority on engaging in a meaningful conversation with your spouse on a regular schedule will help to spark that love interest as you once had during your honeymoon phase.

Keep Surprises Coming

One thing that cures boredom every time is ensuring that you surprise each other every so often. This cannot be something you do on a routine or it doesn’t work to make your spouse fall in love all over again. On occasion do something that makes your spouse’s jaw dropped, smile, or even shed a tear of joy because you took time to surprise them by doing something that matters to them. Learning to do random surprises on occasion will help to reconnect your bond as a married couple.

Practice Saying Positive Things

There’s nothing that ruins the marriage faster than always hearing someone criticize you or put you down for things you mess up. Remember that you both are imperfect human beings and work hard to ensure you are saying positive things to each other on a regular basis. Perhaps you both work to say three positives to each other for a week? This will surely make you fall in love with your spouse all over again in no time!

Re-Enact Favorite Memories

Think about a place you both traveled to or something you both did together in the past that helped you bond as a couple. Try to go back to that place or re-enact this favorite memory as a means to spark that little part of your heart that fell for your spouse back then. Learning to be aware of what sparked your connection in the first place and making that happen again is a huge part of falling in love with your spouse all over again.

Cuddle More Often

Not everyone is into cuddling, but perhaps you are someone whose love language involves affection, if you and your spouse are those sorts of people then you must ensure that cuddling happens more often. Few people enjoy a good night’s sleep when cuddling up together, but try to ensure that the first portion of the evening when you lay down is spent snuggled up for a bit so that you spark that deep connection between the two of you. Cuddling can surge that feeling of love between you two and ensure that you fall in love with your spouse all over again.

There are many things you can do to try to fall in love with your spouse all over again, it’s a mere matter of ensuring that you take notice of what allowed you two to bond in the first place. Once you establish what made you two fall in love in the first place, you are quickly able to reconnect by bringing that back into your marriage today!

Let’s discuss: Are there other ways can you think of to fall in love all over again? 

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