Safe Trips You Can Make With the Family While Socially Distancing


We all know that the pandemic is far from over, but just because the future is uncertain doesn’t mean you can’t travel with your family and have some fun along the way. You just have to be smart about it! 

Do some research on the destination you’re visiting before you pack your bags and check their safety regulations first. Consider getting tested before you go, as well. When you’re there, make sure to respect social distancing rules and always wear a mask. 

Be prepared by bringing extra hand sanitizer, alcohol gel, and lots of masks just in case. And most importantly, follow whatever health rules the town you’re visiting has put in place. With these rules in mind, here’s how you can have a safe trip with the family while socially distancing. 

1. Head to the Water

Get an Airbnb that’s located by a lake, river, or ocean. You’ll feel the stress melt away if you splurge on a waterfront view accommodation. Here are a couple of locations worth exploring:

Get an Airbnb on Miami Beach, Florida, and enjoy the beautiful blue waters and walk along the hot sandy shore. 

Book a spectacular Beach House waterfront to the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia. Or stay in this quiet open plan near Yankee Point Marina located in Virginia, as well.

2. Stay in a Ranch 

Consider staying at a ranch and explore the nearby trails or learn some new ranch activities like roping or even archery. Some ranches like the Flying L Ranch Resort in Bandera, Texas, are not too far from a golf course and water park. Other ranches can offer you exciting outdoor activities like fishing and biking. If you’re looking for a luxury stay, consider the spectacular Ranch at Rock Creek in Montana. 

3. Socially Distance at a Luxury Hotel

Consider booking a nice hotel in another city, state, or even in your own hometown where you can unwind and unplug from everyday life. Luxury hotels offer swimming pools, spas, saunas, and of course, room service so you and the family can socially distance in style and luxury.

4. Stay in a Treehouse or Geodome

There’s no better way to social distance than staying at a treehouse in the middle of nowhere. Some treehouse Airbnbs are located in a national reserve and some even come with breathtaking ocean views. You and the family can even glamp in a geodome in a remote area like Joshua Tree, California, or Weaverville, North Carolina, where it’s just you, your family and nothing but nature and wildlife.

5. Take a Road Trip in an RV

If you don’t own an RV, you can rent one and stock it up with as much food and snacks as it can hold. That way, you won’t have to make any pit stops and risk exposing yourself. It’s a great way to social distance with the family while enjoying a cross-country road trip and taking in the sights.

6. Go Glamping

You can pitch a big tent in the wilderness and stargaze with the little ones or you can go glamping, which is perfect for anyone who hates camping. Essentially, what you’re doing is trading a traditional tent for a glamp site that offers luxury and comfort in the form of a treehouse, a yurt, or even a small home so you and the family can socially distance while enjoying the great outdoors. 

7. Take a Hike in a National Park

National Parks are a fountain of geological wonders and unique ecosystems that will provide your family with all sorts of fun opportunities to go hiking, running, camping and swimming. But do make sure to visit to check for health restrictions and to see if the national park you plan to visit is open or closed before traveling.

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