How to Ensure You Safely Receive Your Purchases

Buying online is a great, hassle-free way to get what you need to be delivered straight to your door. However, sometimes things do not always go to plan, whether you have bought something that never arrives or it does arrive but has been significantly damaged along the way. Or worse still, your package was left on your doorstep and someone has taken it! Getting refunds and having to deal with returns can be a lot of hassle, which you were presumably trying to avoid by shopping online. 

Here are 4 tips for ensuring that you safely receive your purchases.

  1. Check Reviews

Checking reviews is the best way to know what you are in for. While it can take some time to scroll through, it is worth doing so. If you see multiple bad reviews noting that purchases never arrived or arrived in poor condition, it is best to steer clear from that company. Another thing to look out for are fake reviews, often companies will pay individuals to leave positive reviews on their website to trick people into thinking they are a trustworthy company. The best way to spot a fake review is to check out different review platforms other than the reviews posted on the website you are looking at. Consider using websites such as for more reviews and advice for smart online shopping. 

  1. Use a Parcel Dropbox 

For those who are unfamiliar with the term parcel dropbox, this is essentially a safe place for your mail and packages to go. These parcel boxes are designed so that a parcel can be safely dropped into them, but only the person with a key/combination can access them. Typically they will be at the front of your house, in an easy to access spot for delivery men. Finding the perfect home parcel box for you will depend on how much security you need. Parcel theft can be a real problem for some neighborhoods and if you aren’t home to collect your packages safely this can be a real source of anxiety. 

Typically a parcel box will be made of a strong, resistant metal that can’t be broken or removed from the wall/floor it is secured to. Another perk of the parcel dropbox system is that they are water and weather-resistant! So you no longer have to worry about important packages sitting out in the wind and rain turning into mush. 

  1. Track Your Purchase

Tracking your packages is a great way to ensure that you safely receive your purchases. Often delivery companies will provide you with an option to track a package on their app, so you can see exactly what number your delivery is and when to expect its arrival. This is a far better alternative to being given a delivery slot of 7 am to 7 pm and hopelessly waiting for its arrival. Sometimes there is no choice when it comes to tracking your purchase, but where there is a choice to pay extra to track your package it is well worth spending that little bit more to ensure more security for your purchase.

  1. Use CCTV

Another way to ensure that your packages arrive safely is to install a CCTV system on the front of your house. This will deter any thieves who are out patrolling for parcels to take as they will not want to risk being caught on camera. Additionally, there is the odd occasion where the delivery man says they have dropped off your package but yet it never arrives. With CCTV you can check whether they made the stop or not, and if they didn’t you will have the evidence to prove it. 

There are lots of CCTV systems that now connect to your smartphone, so you can be alerted every time someone enters your front garden or comes close to the door. That way you know when deliveries are coming. Additionally, as your smartphone is synced up to your CCTV system, if you see someone who looks like they are going to try and steal your package, you can ring an alarm from your phone that plays from the CCTV. With both the alarm and the cameras, that should be enough to deter any suspect characters from coming towards your package. 

All in all, there are always going to be variables that you can not control, however, with these four effective tips, you will be doing as much as you can to ensure that you receive your purchases safely and sound.

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