What You Should Know Before Traveling with Your Dog

Traveling with family / alone and traveling with your dog has vast differences, and there are many things you need to be prepared for before going away. Your dog will need essential things that you need to pack beforehand. This is why to save your time, here are some must-do things to keep in mind before going on a trip with your dog.

You Need to Get Your Dog Microchipped

When traveling, there is always a chance that your dog may get lost, but you can prevent that by microchipping your dog. The procedure is straightforward and easy to do; the professional will put the chip under your dog’s skin around the neck or scruff. A microchip is just a unique code that contains your dog’s information. When dogs go missing and get picked up by the local authority dog warden, they can quickly check your dog’s information, making it easy to find your dog.

Get Your Dog Checked By The Vet 

This step is significant and one you should not skip. Before you travel, take your dog to the vet to get your dog’s physical condition checked up. There can be some problems that can manifest into something big while traveling. It would be best if you were prepared. It is better to have the medicines for your dog’s issues rather than taking your dog to a vet while traveling. You should also pack the recent medical reports of your dog with you.

Always Bring Their Toys and Blankets 

When you take your dog traveling, it is very natural that they will be very uncomfortable at first because of the change of places and situations. They would be in a dog cage for a few hours as well. Having their toys or any favorite blankets along with you will make your dog’s cage journey a lot more comfortable, as they will have an urge to cling to whatever feels like home, such as their toys and blankets. If you know what your dog’s favorite toys are, then I suggest you bring only their favorites and not all the toys.

Keep Them Leashed and Have Them Wear Their Tags At All Times

Roaming in an entirely new place can be very adventurous for you, but sometimes it can overwhelm your dog if he or she finds the place uncomforting. They may occasionally get scared and try to run away to find somewhere they feel safe. This is the main reason why most dogs tend to get lost in new areas. Your dog can also get lost if he or she is exploring new places a little more quickly than you are. They may forget how to come back and end up going even further away, which is why it is strongly recommended that you keep a leash on your dog at all times. Tags also help authorities find owners quickly, so please keep their tags on at all times.

Make Your Dog Familiar With His Cage

Before you finally go on that trip, please make sure that your dog finds the cage he or she is comfortable with. To do that, you may take some measures before going on a trip. First, you should introduce the cage to your dog, have him or her sleep in, or be in it for short periods. After a while, increase the time limit, and thus gradually, your dog will become comfortable being in the cage. This way, it will be much easier to put your dog in the cage for quite a few hours while traveling.

Keep your Dog’s Medicines at Hand

This is also another essential thing because while traveling, finding a vet or a place to fill prescription meds for your dog may be next to impossible. It is always best that you keep the medicines needed near you. Whenever I travel with my dog, I always get my dog checked up and keep extra medicines at hand in case something comes up and we have to stay longer than anticipated. Other than that, you can take the medications needed to keep your dog calm so that he or she feels comfortable.

Do Not Forget the Scoop Bags

We all know what scoop bags are because we have used them to clean up their messes from our dog’s puppyhood. When you and your dog are at home, you do not need to worry as you know your dog’s habits, but you do not know when your dog will poop when traveling. If your dog poops in a place they are not meant to, you do not want to pick the mess up with your bare hand. So be prepared with your scoop bag ready.

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