17 Adventurous Things to Do with Dad on Father’s Day


Instead of splurging on gifts that dad probably already has or doesn’t need, why not find some fun adventurous things to do with dad on Father’s Day.

Not only will dad love the excitement, but there are so many different memories that will be made and cherished forever. No matter what kind of adventure dad will love to partake in, these adventurous Father’s Day activities will be fun. Plus, they are a great way to disconnect from the world and just spend time, without any distractions, with dad and the rest of the family.

  1. Go kayaking. 

Spend the day with dad out on the water as you kayak down the river and enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

  1. Take dad skydiving. 

Give dad the ultimate adventure by setting him up with a skydiving experience he will never forget.

  1. Have a paintball game. 

Schedule a session at your local paintball arena and get everyone all geared up to take on the other team. A friendly game of paintball can be a fun and adventurous way to spend time with dad.

  1. Go fishing. 

Maybe not as adventurous as kayaking or skydiving, but still a fun outdoor adventure that dad will love to do with the kids. To make it a little more adventurous, take dad to a spot that isn’t used very often or get him out on the boat to go further into the water to find some fish.

  1. Take a hot air balloon ride.

Another fun and adventurous activity to do with dad will be to set up a hot air balloon ride where he can fly high and see the city from above.

  1. Experience white water rafting. 

Whether you want an exciting adventure down the rapids or a slow ride down the lazy river for more of a relaxing experience, a white water rafting trip is a fun activity dad will enjoy.

  1. Go hiking through the trails. 

Get back to nature and take dad on a hike through the woods along the hiking trails. Hiking is also a great way to spend a fantastic day with everyone in the family.

  1. Attend a mud run. 

For the sporty dad who enjoys being outdoors in nature and getting dirty, a mud run can be a wonderful experience for the whole family.

  1. Go-kart Racing. 

Need we say more? Both kids and adults will love racing go-karts through the racetrack as they compete for first place.

  1. Visit a zipline park. 

Zipline parks are everywhere and for those who love adventure, ziplining through the trees, and different obstacles can be a magical experience.  

  1. Visit the waterpark. 

Father’s Day is during the summer, and what better way to cool off than by spending a day with dad at the water park.

  1. Tackle the roller coasters at a theme park. 

What better way to spend an adventurous day with dad than by riding those thrilling roller coasters we love to enjoy at the theme park.

  1. Go mountain biking. 

Lots of fun will be had for all with a fun mountain biking excursion.

  1. Let dad experience an up-and-close interaction with an animal at the zoo. 

Most zoos have packages that will allow you to get up close and personal with some of the animals. If dad is an animal lover or loves the wild, give him the experience of interacting with them up close.

  1. Go waterskiing. 

A fun outdoor adventure for water lovers, waterskiing is a unique watersport experience that dad is sure to enjoy. This is also another fun activity that the entire family can get involved with as you are enjoying a day out on the water.

  1. Go sailing. 

If dad loves the open seas and feels at home on the water, taking him on a fun sailing trip might just be one of the best adventurous experiences to give.

  1. Attend a racing event. 

If dad is a fan of racing or is a huge NASCAR fan, why not give him a memorable experience of attending a NASCAR race or a local race event that he can enjoy. If you have the opportunity, maybe you can see if there is some way he can get into the race or get a very personal experience with it.

It is really all about making memories with dad, and these are just a few outdoor adventures that you can surprise dad with this Father’s Day. 

Finding the perfect gift all depends on dad’s style and what he enjoys doing. Since he might not get to do many of these activities throughout the year, planning a memorable trip with a few of these adventurous activities for Father’s Day is the perfect gift to give.

Tons of memories will be made, and dad will appreciate the extra fun he can enjoy as we celebrate him on Father’s Day.

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