Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Make this Father’s Day memorable for your special guy with unique and meaningful gift ideas that is sure to put a smile on his face.

Father’s Day is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about gifts! Depending on what the special man in your life likes, there are many different gift options that you can go with. If you’re not sure about what to get him, you can always personalize a gift to better fit his interests! These gift ideas are perfect for any dad this Father’s Day.

Personalized Coffee Mug

If the man in your life likes coffee, one of the best gifts you can give is a personalized coffee mug. Depending on where he drinks coffee, you can do a ceramic mug for his desk or a travel mug for the car. No matter which style you go with, get the kids involved so that the gift is something special from them. Let your kids design a picture collage to insert into a picture mug or let them draw on a blank white mug. No matter what, dad will love getting a special mug to drink his coffee from.

Sports Memorabilia

If you’re not sure what to get dad for Father’s Day, a great default gift is to give him sports memorabilia from his favorite team. This can include anything, from a jersey for his favorite player to a signed picture or football. If your budget doesn’t allow for an expensive sports gift, you can always find cheaper memorabilia such as cups, hats, and t-shirts. Simply find something that has the logo of his favorite team and you have the perfect Father’s Day gift.


Now while not every dad needs a new tie or socks, it’s something that you can certainly consider and J. Crew has one of the best Fathers Day Shop out there. Whether you’re looking for a new shoe for dad to wear while you both go hiking, or new board shorts for those days at the beach, or even a watch so you don’t lose track of the time, but it’s summer, who cares about the time? J. Crew has got you covered. Here are a few of our favorite picks.

  1. Stainless Steel Anchor Tie Bar – $49.50
  2. Textured English Silk Tie in Microstripe – $75
  3. Corgi™ Lightweight Pattern Socks – $28
  4. Birdwell® for J. Crew Contrast Pocket Board Shorts in Navy – $85
  5. Bulova® for J. Crew Air Warden Watch – $199
  6. New Balance® for J. Crew CRT300 Sneakers – $75

Grilling Set

Many dads spend a lot of time outside at the grill. Fortunately, everyone in the family benefits from this since you get to eat delicious, grilled food. Make dad’s job a little easier by getting him a grilling utensil set for Father’s Day. You can have some fun with this gift, finding a set that has his favorite color or print (think camouflage).


Another great go-to gift for Father’s Day is to buy that special man in your life some tools. When buying tools, make sure you buy something he doesn’t already have. For example, if he already has five screwdriver sets stored in the garage, try going with something different. Investigate and figure out which tools he needs for an upcoming project and see what’s available in stores. Many retail stores even have their tools on sale around Father’s Day, which means you can get a great deal on your gift.

In Conclusion

No matter gift you choose for Father’s Day, including digital downloads and gift cards, I’m sure your dad will appreciate the thoughtfulness. Show him how much you care by giving him something special this Father’s Day! With a little creativity, you can create something truly special that he’ll love and cherish forever.

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